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QQ: What Deck are you playing this weekend?

November 28th, 2015

This is the first YCS since the new Forbidden & Limited List went into effect.  Let’s see what Decks people are playing with this weekend!

Alessandro: Mermails, because it’s a “fast win.”

Ivan: Performage.

Rodrigo: Performage, because it’s his best Deck for tournaments.

Kelton: Zombies.

Artur: Yosenju.

Murilo: Performage.

Fábio: Melodious.

Leonardo: Performage/Majespecter, because it’s the best for the tournament.

Carlos: Burning Abyss, because it’s the best Deck for the tournament and meta-game.

Michel: Performage XYZ, because it’s simple and strong.

Mário Mateus: Majespecter/Performage, because it’s the best.

Rafael Lagreca: Fiends.

Maximiano de Freitas: PSY- Frame.

Jaderson Felipe: PSY-Frame.