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Round 10 Feature Match: Oscar Renderos versus Manav Dawar

November 8th, 2015

It’s the final round of Swiss play! This round will determine the Top 32. We’ve got Oscar Renderos piloting an awesome Igknight Deck, up against Manav Dawar using Nekroz. These duelists each have lost two games, so they absolutely must win for a chance at making it into the Top 32.


Duel 1

Dawar won the die roll and chose to play second. Renderos began with Igknight Gallant, Summoner’s Art, Royal Magical Library, Tyrant’s Throes, and Mystical Space Typhoon. He played Library, then put Gallant in the Pendulum Zone. He used Summoner’s Art for another Gallant, and played that as well. That was three Spell Counters on Library, and Renderos drew Igknight Margrave. He used Gallant to destroy his Pendulums, searching for Igknight Cavalier and playing it to the Pendulum Zone. I played Margrave as a spell as well, and Pendulum Summoned the Gallants from the Extra Deck. He Set Mystical Space Typhoon and Tyrant’s Throes.

In Dawar’s Draw Phase, Renderos used Tyrant’s Throes. He Tributed the Gallants, locking Dawar out of his Effect Monsters! Dawar Set three to his back row. In the End Phase, Renderos used Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Dawar’s Book of Moon.

Renderos drew another Tyrant’s Throes, and used Library to draw his third Throes. He Pendulum Summoned his Gallants, and Dawar flipped Torrential Tribute! Renderos Set a copy of Throes.

Dawar passed.

Renderos drew Reinforcement of the Army. He Pendulum Summoned his Gallants, attacking directly with both of them.

Dawar played Reinforcement of the Army for Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz. He Set a monster and one to his back row.

Renderos drew another Reinforcement of the Army. He used his Cavalier’s effect, destroying itself and Margrave to get a new Cavalier. Reinforcement put Templar in his hand. He played Cavalier and Templar as Spell Cards, and Pendulum Summoned Cavalier and Margrave. When he went to his Battle Phase, Dawar conceded!

Oscar Renderos

Renderos takes a commanding first Duel thanks to Tyrant’s Throes! As the Duelists moved to their Side Decks, Renderos showed off one of his secret Side Deck choices which he’s been using for the Kozmo matchup – Destiny HERO – Plasma! Plasma negates the Kozmos’ protective effects and sucks up the spaceships, preventing them from Summoning more monsters. With plenty of monsters to Tribute and Special Summon Plasma, it’s a great choice. It wouldn’t likely be relevant in this matchup, but it’s a very cool card choice.

Duel 2

Dawar chose to have Renderos play first. Renderos began with 2 Igknight Veteran, Igknight Paladin, Igknight Cavalier, and Reinforcement of the Army. He played both Veterans as Spell Cards, using them to search for Igknight Templar. He played Paladin and Templar as Spells and Pendulum Summoned the Veterans in Defense Position.

Dawar played Senju of the Thousand Hands for Nekroz of Brionac. Nekroz Kaleidoscope was next, using Herald of the Arc Light to Ritual Summon Nekroz of Unicore. Dawar chose not to use Herald’s effect. He stacked Unicore and Senju for Evilswarm Exciton Knight, and it cleared the field. Dawar Set one to his back row.

Renderos drew Archfiend Eccentrick. He played it as a Spell, and it destroyed Dawar’s Royal Decree. Renderos used Reinforcement to get Templar, playing it and Cavalier as Spells. He Pendulum Summoned all of his Pendulum Monsters, and used Eccentrick’s effect to destroy Exciton Knight. His attacks were blocked by Dawar’s Nekroz of Valkyrus. In Main Phase 2, Renderos Xyz Summoned Hazy Flame Basiltrice, using the Veterans. Basiltrice banished Valkyrus from Dawar’s Graveyard.


Dawar discarded Brionac for Shurit. He banished Kaleidoscope and Brionac from his Graveyard to search for a new Kaleidoscope, then played Senju to get Unicore. He Ritual Summoned Unicore with Kaleidoscope, using Herald of the Arc Light, and searched out Brionac. He used Nekroz Mirror next, Tributing Shurit to play Brionac! Shurit searched for Nekroz of Trishula. Brionac spun Basiltrice and Templar back to the Deck. Unicore destroyed Paladin in battle, then Senju and Brionac attacked directly. Renderos had 3400 Life Points left, with Dawar still at 8000. Dawar Xyz Summoned Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer in Main Phase 2, and it returned the Spell Card Cavalier to the Deck. Renderos had nothing but Templar in the Pendulum Zone.

And he drew… another Templar. He Set it.

Dawar attacked it with Castel, and Brionac attacked directly. Dawar Set to his back row.

Renderos drew Reinforcement of the Army! He searched for Igknight Paladin, but lost it to Mystical Space Typhoon! Without his Pendulum Scales, he had no way to make a comeback!

Manav Dawar

Dawar evens the score with a huge play, using Brionac and Castel to rip apart Renderos’s field! This will now be the final Duel before we move to the Top 32. The Duelists moved back to their Side Decks, hoping to find one last edge against their opponent.

Duel 3

Renderos chose to play second. Dawar led with Nekroz of Clausolas and Nekroz of Brionac, getting Nekroz Kaleidoscope and Nekroz of Unicore. He played Unicore with Kaleidoscope, sending Herald of the Arc Light to the Graveyard and searching for Nekroz of Valkyrus. Preparation of Rites gave him another Unicore and Kaleidoscope in his hand, and he Set three to his back row.

Renderos had Royal Magical Library, 2 Reinforcement of the Army, Rescue Hamster, and 2 Igknight Paladin. He played Library, then both Paladins as Spells. He used them to search for Cavalier, and played it as a Spell. He drew another Library off his first Library. Reinforcement got Templar, and he played it as a Spell. He Pendulum Summoned the Paladins and the Library from his hand. He destroyed his Pendulums to search for another Cavalier, and played it as a Spell. He drew Vanity’s Fiend with Library. Reinforcement of the Army searched for Templar, and he put it in the Pendulum Zone. He drew Veteran with Library. He destroyed his Pendulums again to get Paladin, and played it. He drew Cavalier with Library. He put Rescue Hamster in the Pendulum Zone, and used it to get two Templars to his hand. He played one, and drew Igknight Margrave with Library. He destroyed his Pendulums to get Igknight Gallant to his hand. He played Gallant, and drew Summoner’s Art. He played Veteran, then Summoner’s Art to search for Margrave. He drew Archfiend Eccentrick, then destroyed his Pendulums to get Veteran. He played Eccentrick, and it destroyed Dawar’s Set Raigeki. He played Templar, and drew Summoner’s Art. That gave him Veteran, and he drew Tyrant’s Throes. He played Veteran and destroyed his Pendulums, getting Gallant. He played Templar and drew Mystical Space Typhoon. It destroyed Dawar’s Royal Decree. He drew another Mystical Space Typhoon, and it destroyed Kaleidoscope. He played Veteran and drew Gallant. He destroyed his Pendulums to get Margrave, then played Gallant. He drew Eccentrick. He Set Tyrant’s Throes, and stacked his Libraries for Number 39: Utopia. What a crazy turn! He had 2 Paladins, a Set Throes, Utopia, Gallant in the Pendulum Zone, six cards in his hand, and almost his whole monster lineup sitting face-up in the Extra Deck!

On Dawar’s turn, he flipped Tyrant’s Throes, Tributing his Paladins! Dawar discarded Unicore to add Brionac to his hand, and that gave him Shurit. He Set a card in his back row.

Renderos drew Galaxy Cyclone and played it, and Dawar Chained Fairy Wind! Renderos played an Eccentrick and Gallant to his Pendulum Zone, then Pendulum Summoned Eccentrick, 2 Cavalier, and Paladin. Eccentrick destroyed Unicore, and Renderos Tributed Paladin for Vanity’s Fiend. His attacks were blocked by Dawar’s Valkyrus.

Dawar banished Kaleidoscope and Clausolas from his Graveyard, getting Nekroz Cycle. Senju was next, searching for Valkyrus.

Renderos drew Rescue Hamster. Utopia was blocked by Valkyrus, and Renderos passed.

Dawar used Book of Moon on Vanity’s Fiend! He activated Nekroz Cycle, Tributing Shurit to bring Unicore back from the Graveyard. Shurit searched for Brionac. Dawar stacked Senju and Unicore for Evilswarm Exciton Knight, wiping the field. Dawar discarded Brionac to get Unicore, and used that to get Valkyrus to his hand.

Renderos drew Tyrant’s Throes. He played Cavalier and Hamster as Spells, and Pendulum Summoned 3 Paladin and 2 Templar! He stacked all five of them for Number 86: Heroic Champion – Rhongomyniad! Rhongomyniad’s effect destroyed Exciton Knight, and attacked directly! With five Xyz Materials, Dawar could do nothing to stop it! Dawar couldn’t affect Rhongomyniad, nor could he play any monsters!

R10 G3 End

Oscar Renderos is the victor, with Igknights!