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Round 7 Feature Match: Anthony Iem versus Omar Daoudi

November 8th, 2015

Anthony Iem from Fresno, vs Omar Daoudi from Los Angeles

For Round 7, we’ve got a mirror match, with Nekroz! Anthony Iem is here from Fresno, CA, up against Omar Daoudi from Los Angeles. Omar has had some incredible success, making the top cut at every YCS he’s attended – and he was just a first timer last year! He’s got a great shot at doing it again, but Iem wants to put a stop to that.


Duel 1

Daoudi won the die roll and opted to play second. Iem began with a hand of Senju of the Thousand Hands, Nekroz Cycle, Nekroz Mirror, Maxx “C”, and Instant Fusion. He played Senju, adding Nekroz of Brionac to his hand.

Daoudi played Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands, getting Brionac to his own hand. He sent his Manju to into Iem’s Senju, then used Brionac to search out Nekroz of Unicore. Unicore returned Brionac to his hand.

Iem drew another Brionac. He used one, adding Nekroz of Valkyrus to his hand, and passed.

Daoudi Normal Summoned Great Sorcerer of the Nekroz and attacked directly.

Iem drew Instant Fusion. He discarded his Brionac to get Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz, and played Nekroz Cycle. Daoudi Chained Maxx “C”! Iem used Shurit to bring Brionac back from the Graveyard, and Shurit searched out Nekroz of Trishula. He played Nekroz Mirror, banishing Shurit from the Graveyard to Ritual Summon Valkyrus. Brionac attacked Great Sorcerer, and Daoudi used a Valkyrus from his hand to block the attack. Iem had Valkyrus Tribute itself and Brionac, and he drew Mystical Space Typhoon and Nekroz of Clausolas. He passed with an open field.

Daoudi used Clausolas and Reinforcement of the Army to get Nekroz Cycle and Shurit. He played Cycle, and Iem used Maxx “C”! Daoudi used Shurit to play Valkyrus, and Iem drew Nekroz of Unicore. Shurit’s effect put Trishula in Daoudi’s hand. He discarded Brionac to get Unicore, then played Nekroz Kaleidoscope. He used Herald of the Arc Light to play Unicore. Iem drew Kaleidoscope with Maxx “C”, and Daoudi searched for Unicore with Herald. Great Sorcerer, Unicore, and Valkyrus each attacked directly, and Iem was done for!

R7 G1 End

Daoudi plays with no fear into Iem’s Maxx “C”! The Duelists moved on to their Side Decks for the next Duel.

Duel 2

Iem chose to play second. Daoudi began with Senju of the Thousand Hands. He got Brionac, and that got Nekroz of Valkyrus. He Set a back row card.

Iem’s hand was Nekroz Kaleidoscope, Shared Ride, Nekroz of Valkyrus, Nekroz of Clausolas, Maxx “C”, and Nekroz of Brionac. He used Brionac’s effect, searching for Nekroz of Unicore. He activated Kaleidoscope, using Herald of the Arc Light to play Unicore. Herald searched for Nekroz of Trishula. He discarded Nekroz of Clausolas to get Nekroz Mirror, and activated it! He banished Brionac and Clausolas from the Graveyard to play Trishula, and Daoudi negated it with Breakthrough Skill! Trishula attacked Senju, and Daoudi used Nekroz of Valkyrus to block it. Iem Set Shared Ride.

Anthony Iem

Daoudi played another Senju, and Iem flipped Shared Ride. Senju searched for Valkyrus, and Iem drew Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands. Daoudi Xyz Summoned Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk in Defense Position. He banished Breakthrough Skill from his Graveyard to negate Unicore, then had Number 80 banish Iem’s Kaleidoscope and Mirror.

Iem drew Effect Veiler. Manju came down, getting Brionac. Manju destroyed Number 80, then Unicore and Trishula attacked directly. Daoudi had 3000 Life Points left, to Iem’s 8000. Iem used Brionac to get Unicore to his hand.

Daoudi used Nekroz Cycle, and Iem used Maxx “C”! Daoudi Ritual Summoned Valkyrus, using Shurit, and Shurit searched out Trishula. Iem drew Nekroz Cycle. Daoudi used Nekroz Mirror, banishing Shurit to play Trishula, and it was hit by Iem’s Effect Veiler. Iem drew Unicore. Trishula hit Unicore, and Valkyrus hit Manju. In Main Phase 2, Daoudi used Manju to get Brionac, and had that get Great Sorcerer. Valkyrus Tributed Trishula and Great Sorcerer to draw two cards, and Sorcerer added Unicore to Daoudi’s hand. He Set one back row card to finish.

Iem drew Valkyrus. He discarded Unicore to add Brionac to his hand, which he used to get Shurit. Nekroz Cycle Tributed Shurit to bring down Valkyrus from his hand, and Shurit searched with Clausolas. Iem’s Valkyrus attacked Daoudi’s Valkyrus, and Daoudi used a Valkyrus from his hand to negate the attack. He banished Great Sorcerer for Valkyrus’s effect, and Sorcerer sent Exa, Enforcer of the Nekroz to the Graveyard. In Main Phase 2, Valkyrus Tributed Trishula and another monster to draw Performage Hat Tricker and Great Sorcerer.

Daoudi played Reinforcement of the Army, getting Clausolas. Unicore put Trishula back in his hand, and Clausolas grabbed Nekroz Mirror. He played Mirror, banishing Exa and Unicore from the Graveyard to play Trishula, and it was negated by Iem’s Breakthrough Skill. Exa brought Shurit to the field, and Daoudi played Manju to get Nekroz Cycle. He played Cycle, Tributing Shurit to revive Valkyrus, and Shurit added Clausolas to his hand. Iem had to use a Valkyrus from his hand to end the Battle Phase. Daoudi stacked both copies of Manju for Daigusto Emeral, returning Shurit, Brionac, and Manju to the Deck to draw a card. He used Valkyrus to Tribute Trishula and Emeral to draw two more cards. Finally, he Set one to his back row.

Iem drew Maxx “C”. He used Valkyrus to Tribute itself and Great Sorcerer to draw Preparation of Rites and Breakthrough Skill. When Great Sorcerer activated, Daoudi flipped Shared Ride! Sorcerer searched for Unicore. He discarded Clausolas to get Nekroz Kaleidoscope. He played it, and Daoudi used both Retaliating “C” and Maxx “C”! Kaleidoscope brought down Unicore, banishing Herald of the Arc Light in the process. Iem Normal Summoned Performage Hat Tricker and Xyz Summoned Evilswarm Exciton Knight! It detached Hat Tricker, wiping Daoudi’s field! Iem Set Breakthrough Skill to finish. After using Shared Ride and Maxx “C”, Daoudi had eight cards in his hand!

Omar Daoudi

He drew to nine, and played Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands. He got Unicore, then used Reinforcement of the Army to get Shurit. Unicore put Cycle back in his hand, and he played it, Tributing Shurit for Trishula. Iem flipped Breakthrough Skill, and Daoudi searched out Brionac with Shurit. Brionac got Valkyrus to his hand. He played Nekroz Kaleidoscope, sending Star Eater to the Graveyard to Ritual Summon Valkyrus and Clausolas! Iem used Effect Veiler on Clausolas, and Daoudi Chained it to negate Exciton Knight. With Exciton negated, it was all over!

R7 G2 End

Omar Daoudi takes the Duel, and the Match!