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Round 8 Feature Match: Felipe Ramirez versus Ryan Murakami

November 8th, 2015

It’s the final Round of Day 1! This time, we have two Decks we wouldn’t see without Dimension of Chaos. Felipe Ramirez is using Majespecters, which were just introduced in DOCS. He’s against Ryan Murakami, whose Kozmo Deck was massively improved thanks to the newest DOCS cards. This Match should showcase what may be a defining matchup in the coming months.


Duel 1

Murakami won the die roll and chose to play second. Ramirez began with Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin and Majespecter Fox – Kyubi in his Pendulum Zones. He played Wavering Eyes, dealing 500 damage and searching out Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer. He played Luster and another Kyubi to his Pendulum Zones. Luster destroyed Kyubi to get a new copy, and Murakami played Maxx “C”. He put Kyubi in the Pendulum Zone and Pendulum Summoned his other two Kyubi, getting Majespecter Tempest. He Set two to his back row.

Murakami began, after his Maxx “C” effect, with Kozmotown, Kozmo Farmgirl, Kozmo Forerunner, Bottomless Trap Hole, Kozmo Dark Destroyer, and Traptrix Myrmeleo. He played Farmgirl and banished her, and Ramirez negated it with Majespecter Tempest by Tributing Kyubi. Murakami played Kozmotown, putting Forerunner back to get Terraforming. He Set Terraforming and Bottomless Trap Hole.

Ramirez Pendulum Summoned Kyubi, and got a new Majespecter Tempest. Kyubi attacked directly, and Ramirez Set two more to his back row.

Murakami drew Dark Hole. He played Myrmeleo, attacking Kyubi. Ramirez Tributed the Kyubi for Majespecter Cyclone, destroying Myrmeleo. Murakami Set Dark Hole.

Ramirez Pendulum Summoned Kyubi yet again, getting Majespecter Tempest. He Normal Summoned Majespecter Raccoon – Bunbuku, searching for Majespecter Cat – Nekomata. Bunbuku and Kyubi attacked directly, and Ramirez Set one to his back row.

Murakami drew Maxx “C”. He got Farmgirl back with Kozmotown, and Summoned it. Farmgirl attacked Bunbuku.

Murakami used Maxx “C” as Ramirez entered Main Phase 1. Ramirez Pendulum Summoned anyway, getting Bunbuku, Nekomata, and Majespecter Crow – Yata to the field. He searched for Majespecter Cyclone with Yata. Thanks to Maxx “C”, Murakami drew Honest. Ramirez stacked Nekomata and Bunbuku for Totem Bird, , giving Murakami a Skill Drain from Maxx “C”. Murakami flipped Bottomless Trap Hole, and Totem Bird negated it. Ramirez Tributed Yata for Majespecter Cyclone, Targeting Farmgirl. He Chained Farmgirl’s effect, and Ramirez Tributed Kyubi for Majespecter Tempest. Now with no monsters on the field, Totem Bird and Kyubi attacked directly to take the first Duel!

Felipe Ramirez

Ramirez Pendulum Summons every turn of the Duel to shut down every one of Murakami’s options! The Duelists quickly went to their Side Decks.

Duel 2

Murakami chose to play second. Ramirez led with Kyubi, getting Majespecter Tempest. He Set three to his back row.

Murakami had Kozmo Dark Destroyer, Kozmo Forerunner, Kozmo Sliprider, Kozmo Farmgirl, Emergency Teleport, and Mystical Space Typhoon. Mystical Space Typhoon destroyed Majespecter Cyclone. Murakami played Farmgirl and moved to the Battle Phase. He used Farmgirl’s effect, and Ramirez Tributed Kyubi for Majespecter Tempest. Murakami used Emergency Teleport to get a new Farmgirl and attacked directly. Farmgirl put Kozmotown in his hand. He played Kozmotown and got back his banished Farmgirl. Then, he put all of his Kozmos except Dark Destroyer back in the Deck with Kozmotown, and drew Emergency Teleport, Forerunner, and Typhoon. He Set Emergency Teleport and Typhoon.

Ramirez played Archfiend Eccentrick to his Pendulum Zone and tried to destroy Emergency Teleport. Murakami Chained it to Special Summon Farmgirl. Ramirez played Bunbuku, searching out Nekomata, and put Nekomata and Yata in the Pendulum Zone. Murakami flipped Typhoon to destroy Yata. He used Farmgirl to Special Summon Dark Destroyer in the End Phase. Its effect targeted Bunbuku, and Ramirez Tributed Bunbuku for Majespecter Cyclone. It took out Dark Destroyer, and that Special Summoned a Forerunner.

Murakami drew Kozmoll Wickedwitch. He played Wickedwitch and attacked with her, then Forerunner. Finally, he used Wickedwitch’s effect to Special Summon the Forerunner from his hand and end the Duel!

Ryan Murakami

Murakami evens it up! This will be these players’ final Duel of Day 1 here at YCS San Jose.

Duel 3

Ramirez chose to play first, and started with Bunbuku searching for Kyubi. He Set two to his back row. He played Archfiend Eccentrick and Kyubi to his Pendulum Zones, and Pendulum Summoned another Archfiend Eccentrick.

Murakami had Sliprider, Wickedwitch, Kozmotown, Raigeki, Kozmo DOG Fighter, and Emergency Teleport. He played Wickedwitch, then used Raigeki! Bunbuku was unaffected, but Wickedwitch took it down in battle. Still in the Battle Phase, Murakami used Wickedwitch to Special Summon Sliprider from his hand, and it destroyed Eccentrick. He played Emergency Teleport next, and Ramirez immediately conceded!

Ryan Murakami is victorious, with Kozmo!