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Top 32 Feature Match: Angel Ascencio versus Sebastian Crawford

November 8th, 2015

Only 32 duelists remain in this tournament! From this point on, it’s single elimination. Duelists will have to win every Match to advance! This round, we’ll see a Kozmo mirror match. With both players have tough-to-beat monsters, it’ll be interesting to see how they each handle their opponent.


Duel 1

Crawford won the roll and opted to play second. Ascencio had a hand of Mind Crush, Upstart Goblin, Kozmo Farmgirl, Kozmo Dark Destroyer, and Kozmo Sliprider. Upstart Goblin gave him Gold Sarcophagus. He played Farmgirl and Set Mind Crush.

Crawford played Kozmoll Wickedwitch. Wickedwitch attacked Farmgirl, and Ascencio banished Farmgirl to play Dark Destroyer. Wickedwitch survived Dark Destroyer’s effect with her own effect, and Crawford Set three to his back row.

Ascencio drew Kozmotown and played it, getting Farmgirl back. He put Farmgirl back to the Deck to draw Kozmo Forerunner. Dark Destroyer attacked, and Crawford flipped Storming Mirror Force!

Crawford played Farmgirl. Wickedwitch attacked, then was banished to Special Summon Kozmo Dark Destroyer. It attacked directly, and Limiter Removal pushed it to 6000 ATK! As quick as it began, this Duel was over!

Remove the Limits!

The Duelists moved to their Side Decks. With so many of the Kozmo monsters having tough protection effects, we’ll likely see a lot of tricks like The Monarchs Stormforth and Chimeratech Fortress Dragon to help deal with them.

Duel 2

Ascencio chose to play second this time. Crawford started with Farmgirl on the board.

Ascencio had Mystical Space Typhoon, Kozmoll Wickedwitch, Kozmo Farmgirl, Kozmo Forerunner, Upstart Goblin, and Reasoning. He activated Reasoning, and Crawford Chained Maxx “C”. Crawford chose Level 8, and Kozmo Sliprider was Special Summoned. Upstart Goblin gave Ascencio The Monarchs Stormforth. He played his own Farmgirl, and and moved to the Battle Phase. Sliprider attacked Crawford’s Farmgirl, and it banished itself to play Dark Destroyer! Its effect targeted Ascencio’s Farmgirl. Ascencio chose not to use Farmgirl’s effect, due to the lingering effect of Maxx “C”, and Farmgirl was destroyed. Ascencio Set Mystical Space Typhoon.

Crawford played The Monarchs Stormforth, Tributing Ascencio’s Sliprider for Kozmo DOG Fighter!

Ascencio drew Upstart Goblin, and DOG Fighter Special Summoned a DOG Fighter Token. Ascencio drew Kozmo Strawman with Upstart. He played Wickedwitch and passed.

DOG Fighter Special Summoned another Token, and Crawford Normal Summoned Krebons! He tuned Krebons to a DOG Fighter Token, for Stardust Dragon in Defense Position. He put his DOG Fighter and Token in Defense Position as well. Dark Destroyer attacked, and Wickedwitch banished itself to Special Summon Forerunner in Defense Position. Dark Destroyer continued its attack against Forerunner, and when it was destroyed it Special Summoned Kozmo Goodwitch in Defense Position. Crawford Set a back row card.

Ascencio drew The Monarchs Stormforth. He had Goodwitch turn Stardust face-down, then destroyed Crawford’s Allure of Darkness with Mystical Space Typhoon. He Normal Summoned Strawman and it brought Wickedwitch back to the field. He stacked Goodwitch and Wickedwitch for Evilswarm Exciton Knight in Defense Position, and it cleared the field! Crawford’s DOG Fighter and Dark Destroyer activated, and he Special Summoned Wickedwitch and Forerunner.

Crawford gained 1000 Life Points with Forerunner. He banished his Wickedwitch to Special Summon Sliprider. When moved to the Battle Phase, and Ascencio offered the handshake!

Sebastian Crawford is the winner of this Kozmo mirror match!