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Top 4 Feature Match: Sebastian Crawford versus Ryan Murakami

November 9th, 2015

Out of all the 953 Duelists here at YCS San Jose, only four remain, and they’re all playing Kozmo Decks! We’ve featured both Sebastian Crawford and Ryan Murakami earlier in the tournament, with each of them putting on great showings. The winner here will move on to the finals, and is guaranteed a copy of the Prize Card Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn.

Murakami is using Reasoning as a way to make use of his many varied Levels of monsters and put out a lot of damage all at once. Crawford has a very unique build, with Main Deck copies of The Monarchs Stormforth! That gives him a method of playing his spaceships while also getting rid of major threats. It’s also the main way he can play his secret ace card, Light and Darkness Dragon! The Dragon is a way of hampering his opponents, and it can also destroy his own Kozmotown to trigger its effect.


Duel 1

Murakami won the die roll and opted to play second. Crawford had a hand of The Monarchs Stormforth, Kozmo Forerunner, Kozmo Sliprider, Time-Space Trap Hole, and Light and Darkness Dragon! He Set Time-Space Trap Hole.

Murakami played Reasoning, and Crawford chose Level 3. The Level 8 Kozmo Dark Destroyer came down, and attacked directly. Murakami Set two to his back row.

Crawford drew Mystical Space Typhoon and used it on Murakami’s Bottomless Trap Hole. He played The Monarchs Stormforth to Tribute Murakami’s Dark Destroyer, playing his Sliprider! It destroyed Murakami’s Time-Space Trap Hole and attacked directly.

Murakami played Kozmo Farmgirl and attacked Sliprider, winning the battle with Honest. Farmgirl searched out Dark Destroyer, and Sliprider Special Summoned Kozmoll Wickedwitch in Defense Position. Murakami banished his Farmgirl to play Dark Destroyer, and lost it to Time-Space Trap Hole. Wickedwitch used its effect to survive Dark Destroyer as well.

T4 Ryan Murakami

Crawford drew Vanity’s Emptiness. He moved Wickedwitch to Attack Position, and attacked directly. He banished her to Special Summon Forerunner and attacked with that as well. Crawford had 1500 Life Points, while Murakami was down to just 500. Crawford Set Vanity’s Emptiness.

Murakami played Kozmotown and got back his Farmgirl, dropping to 200 Life Points. He shuffled Farmgirl back into the Deck to draw a new card. He Set one monster and one back row card.

Crawford drew Kozmotown and gained 1000 Life Points with Forerunner. He played Kozmotown, adding Wickedwitch back to his hand, then shuffled it back into the Deck to draw another Kozmotown. Forerunner attacked, destroying Murakami’s Set Traptrix Myrmeleo.

Murakami played Allure of Darkness, not knowing what he would get – when he saw the two cards, he conceded!

This Duel brought both Duelists extremely low on Life Points, but Crawford was able to take it in the end! The Duelists went to their Side Decks. For Murakami, now down a game, this might be his final Duel in the tournament. He has to make it count.

Duel 2

Crawford started the second Duel, with a hand of 2 The Monarchs Stormforth, Kozmotown, Storming Mirror Force, and Kozmo Forerunner. He played Kozmotown, trading in his Forerunner, and he drew Light and Darkness Dragon. He Set Storming Mirror Force and The Monarchs Stormforth.

Murakami attacked with Farmgirl, and Crawford flipped Storming Mirror Force. Murakami Chained Farmgirl, and Special Summoned Forerunner in Defense Position.

Crawford drew Emergency Teleport and played it to get Kozmo Strawman in Defense Position. Then, he played The Monarchs Stormforth to Tribute Strawman and Murakami’s Forerunner for Light and Darkness Dragon! It attacked directly for 2800 damage! “I’ve been waiting all day for that!” Crawford exclaimed. Despite it being a big component of his Deck, this was the first time he’d managed to Summon it!

What year is this

Murakami played Kozmoll Wickedwitch and activated its protection effect. Light and Darkness Dragon responded, and Murakami Chained Wickedwitch’s other effect to Special Summon Kozmo Dark Destroyer! Light and Darkness Dragon negated Dark Destroyer’s effect as well, dropping to 1800 ATK. Murakami passed.

Crawford drew Mystical Space Typhoon and played it on his Kozmotown. Light and Darkness Dragon responded, and Crawford flipped The Monarchs Stormforth! Next, Light and Darkness Dragon attacked into Dark Destroyer, wiping Crawford’s field and reviving Strawman. Kozmotown’s destruction let him get Dark Destroyer from his Deck. In Main Phase 2, he Tributed his Strawman and his opponent’s Dark Destroyer for his own Dark Destroyer!

Murakami played Farmgirl and passed.

Crawford drew Maxx “C”. He sent Dark Destroyer to attack Farmgirl, and it banished itself. Crawford Chained Maxx “C”! Murakami Special Summoned Dark Destroyer, and Crawford drew Kozmo Sliprider. He had his Dark Destroyer collide with Murakami’s, destroying both. Murakami Special Summoned Wickedwitch in Defense Position, and Crawford drew Storming Mirror Force, then he Special Summoned Strawman in Attack Position. It attacked Wickedwitch, and Murakami paid 1000 Life Points to keep it around. In Main Phase 2, Strawman Special Summoned the banished Dark Destroyer, and Crawford Set Storming Mirror Force. Dark Destroyer was destroyed in the End Phase, and Crawford Special Summoned Forerunner.

Murakami used Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Storming Mirror Force. Wickedwitch went to Attack Position and swung at Strawman. Crawford banished it to Special Summon Sliprider, and Murakami cancelled the attack. Instead, he banished Wickedwitch to Special Summon Forerunner! It destroyed Sliprider in battle, and Crawford Special Summoned Wickedwitch.

Crawford drew Allure of Darkness and gained 1000 Life Points with Forerunner. He crashed his Forerunner into Murakami’s. Murakami got Kozmo DOG Fighter in Defense Position, and Crawford got Kozmoll Wickedwitch. He stacked his two witches for Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer, sending DOG Fighter back to the Deck!

T4 Sebastian Crawford

Murakami drew, with just two cards in his hand and 3200 Life Points. Crawford had Castel and Allure of Darkness in his hand, with 6800 Life Points. Murakami played Traptrix Myrmeleo and searched for Time-Space Trap Hole, then Set two to his back row.

Crawford drew Wickedwitch He played Allure of Darkness, drawing Farmgirl and DOG Fighter, and he banished Wickedwitch. He Normal Summoned Farmgirl and used her to Special Summon DOG Fighter. It destroyed Myrmeleo, and Castel attacked directly.

In Murakami’s Standby Phase, Crawford got a DOG Fighter Token in Defense Position. Murakami Set one to his back row.

Crawford drew Storming Mirror Force and put out another DOG Fighter Token in Defense Position. He moved to his Battle Phase, and Murakami had no way to stop him!

Sebastian Crawford is moving on to the Finals, with his awesome Kozmo Deck!