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Dragon Duel Feature Match: Round 3 (Sunday)

February 7th, 2016

You may remember Dylan McGaha from yesterday’s Dragon Duel tournament. He’s back in this one and is once again at table 1 in the last round of Swiss. This time around, he’s facing a newcomer to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME; Logan Elliot from Willacoochee, Georgia. Before today, he’s never played a game of Yu-Gi-Oh! and today is his very first event.


Game 1

Elliott started things off by setting a monster (he was advised by the judge that he could not set another monster nor Summon Gaap the Divine Soldier without Tribute after setting a monster), then set a Spell/Trap and ended.

McGaha Summoned Injection Fairly Lily, then activated Bait Doll, forcing the opponent’s Call of the Haunted to be activated, but without a monster in the Graveyard, the timing wasn’t correct and it was destroyed. Lily attacked and McGaha activated Lily’s effect, paying 2000 LP to for 3400. McGaha set Blast With Chain and Spell Shield Type-8 before passing.

Elliott Normal Summoned Blizzard Dragon and attacked Lily, forcing McGaha to use Lily’s effect again, paying another 2000 LP to bump Lily up to 3400 ATK for this battle.

McGaha drew The Tricky, adding it to his hand of Blowback Dragon and United We Stand. He discarded Blowback Dragon to Special Summon The Tricky, then activated United We Stand on The Tricky and activated Blast With Chain on The Tricky. He attacked with The Tricky, then attacked with Lily to end the first game!

game 1 end

Game 2

Elliott elected to go second.

McGaha started off by setting Blast Sphere and Half or Nothing before passing.

Elliott drew for turn then Normal Summoned Helping Robo for Combat, set a Spell/Trap, then activated Pot of Duality, revealing Mirror Force, Breaker the Magical Warrior and The Tricky. He added Mirror Force to his hand. He followed up with Horn of the Unicorn, equipping it to Helping Robo for Combat! He set a Spell/Trap and passed.

McGaha drew Skull Archfiend of Lightning. He used Offering to the Doomed to destroy Helping Robo for Combat. Horn of the Unicorn returned to the top of the Deck. He equipped United We Stand on the Archfiend and passed turn.

Elliott drew Horn of the Unicorn then Normal Summoned Giant Soldier of Stone, equipping Horn of the Unicorn once again, then ended his turn.

McGaha drew for turn and was forced to pay 500 LP to keep Skull Archfiend of Lightning on the field. He switched Archfiend into Defense Position then Normal Summoned Makyura the Destructor and attacked into Giant Soldier of Stone, but it was weaker than the Solider buffed by Horn of the Unicorn, so Makyura was destroyed by battle.

Elliott set a monster and passed.

McGaha paid another 500 LP and Normal Summoned Ancient Gear Knight and attacked into the set monster, but Elliott destroyed it with Mirror Force!

Elliott set a monster and passed.

McGaha paid another 500 LP, switched Skull Archfiend of Lightning into Attack Position, and attacked Giant Soldier of Stone, but Elliott activated Call of the Haunted, bringing back Helping Robo for Combat! A replay occurred and the Archfiend redirected its attack to Helping Robo for Combat. McGaha ended their turn after setting another Spell / Trap.

Elliott drew for turn, set another monster, now having 3 set monsters and a Giant Solider of Stone, then passed.

McGaha Normal Summoned Blue Thunder T-45, increasing Archfiend’s attack points thanks to United We Stand! Archfiend attacked into Giant Soldier of Stone, destroying it and putting Horn of the Unicorn back on top of the Deck. Blue Thunder attacked into and destroyed a face-down Breaker the Magical Warrior, giving McGaha a 1500 ATK Thunder Option Token, which attacked into Witch of the Black Forest! Elliott used the effect of the witch to add Mad Dog of Darkness to his hand.

Elliott drew Horn of the Unicorn for a third time and Normal Summoned Zombyra the Dark. He attacked into the Thunder Option Token, but McGaha activated Half or Nothing. Elliott chose to end the Battle Phase.

McGaha drew, lost another 500 LP for Skull Archfiend of Lightning, he set Shine Knight, and used Blue Thunder T-45 to attack and destroy the last set monster, Archfiend Soldier. Blue Thunder generated a second token, then the 5700 ATK Skull Archfiend of Lightning attacked into Zombyra, destroying it for 3600 damage! The new Thunder Option Token attacked directly for another 1500, ending the match!

Dylan McGaha is Sunday’s Dragon Duel Champion, and will meet his brother in the Dragon Duel Championship playoff later today!

game 2 end