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Dragon Duel Feature Match: Round 4

February 7th, 2016

The Dragon Duel tournaments this weekend will be played as Battle Pack: Epic Dawn Sealed Play! That means the competitive environment you’re used to seeing doesn’t exist here. Instead, the Dragon Duelists will need to adapt to the cards they’ve been given to climb to the top. And a pair of brothers from Mentone, Alabama, Dylan McGaha and Dawson McGaha, are playing at table 1 in the last round of today’s Dragon Duel! Which brother will come out on top? Let’s find out!


Game 1

Dylan won the roll and decided to go first. He set Miracle’s Wake, Prideful Roar and Night Assailant before passing.

Dawson activated Soul Exchange, Tributing Dylan’s Night Assailant for Jinzo! He set one to the back and passed.

Dylan set Insect Knight and Infected Mail and passed.

Dawson Normal Summoned Wind-Up Soldier, used its effect, destroyed Insect Knight in battle and Jinzo attacked directly.

Dylan drew Forbidden Lance, which he set and passed.

Dawson drew and Normal Summoned Gyroid and attacked with all of his monsters before passing.

Dylan Normal Summoned Card Trooper, sending Ambitious Gofer, Archfiend Soldier and Horn of the Unicorn to the Graveyard. He had Card Trooper attack Jinzo, and Dylan flipped up his set Forbidden Lance to weaken Jinzo to 1600 ATK! Jinzo was destroyed in battle. Dylan passed.

Dawson switched Gyroid to Defense Position and used Wind-Up Soldier to attack Card Trooper. Dylan was too low on LP to use his set Prideful Roar, so that attack sealed game 1.

Game 2

Dylan elected to go second. Dawson started off with a set spell or trap and a set monster before ending his turn.

Dylan Normal Summoned Helping Robo for Combat. He attacked into a face-down Big Shield Gardna, taking 1000 damage! Big Shield Gardna switched to Attack Position at the end of the Damage Step. Dylan set Scapegoat and passed.

Dawson Tributed Big Shield Gardna for Jinzo! Jinzo destroyed Helping Robo for Combat and dealt 800 damage! Dylan activated Scapegoat in the End Phase to Summon 4 Sheep Tokens.

Dylan drew for turn, set Changing Destiny and Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite.

Dawson Normal Summoned Asura Priest! Asura Priest attacked all 4 Sheep Tokens and the set Zephyros. Jinzo attacked directly for 2400 damage, Dawson set a second spell / trap and ended.

Dylan drew Night Assailant. He set it and passed.

Dawson Normal Summoned Asura Priest again and attacked into Night Assailant, which used its effect to destroy Jinzo.

With Jinzo off the field, Dylan was free to Normal Summon Insect Knight, which attacked into a Windstorm of Etaqua, turning Insect Knight to Defense Position. Dylan set Solemn Judgment and passed.

Dawson set a monster and passed.

Dylan Tributed Insect Knight for Ambitious Gofer! Dylan used Gofer’s effect, but Dawson revealed his in-hand Asura Priest to negate the effect. He attacked into Night Assailant, who in turn destroyed Ambitious Gofer.

Dawson Normal Summoned Hyper Hammerhead then equipped it with an Axe of Despair. Hyper Hammerhead attacked, but Dylan flipped up Changing Destiny. Hyper Hammerhead was turned to Defense and Dawson chose to gain LP.

Dylan drew Gyroid and set it.

Dawson Tributed Hyper Hammerhead for Freed the Matchless General, but its Summon was negated by Solemn Judgment!

Dylan drew Milla the Temporal Magician. He Normal Summoned it and was able to see Dawson’s set Blast With Chain. Dylan flipped summoned Gyroid and attacked with both monsters for 2800 damage!

Dawson drew Asura Priest, activated Blast With Chain on Milla, Normal Summoned Asura Priest and attacked into both monsters, destroying Milla but not Gyroid and passed.

Dylan drew Zombyra the Dark. He Tributed Gyroid for Freed the Matchless General, which attacked into Windstorm of Etaqua.

Dawson set a monster and passed.

Dylan top Decked into Graceful Charity! He drew 3 cards and discarded White Night Dragon and Zombyra the Dark. He Special Summoned The Tricky by discarding Harpie’s Feather Duster. Freed attacked into Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter which destroyed The Tricky.

Dawson set 2 cards in the back and a set monster, but the set monster was bounced back to the hand in the End Phase by Dylan’s Compulsory Evacuation Device.

Dylan Normal Summoned Archfiend Soldier and attacked with both it and Freed the Matchless General.

Dawson drew and activated Reckless Greed for 2 more cards. He activated Darkworld Shackles on Freed. Asura Priest was Normal Summoned and that was enough for game and the match! Dawson McGaha triumphs over his brother Dylan to become Saturday’s Dragon Duel champion!

game 2 end