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UDS – Invitational Top 8 Duelists and Decks!

February 22nd, 2016

Here are the Top 8 Duelists at the end of 10 Swiss Rounds:


  1. Jeffrey Michael Alexander Jones (Phantom Knights)
  2. Alexander Singh Juneja (Phantom Knights)
  3. Craig Shun Hayashi (Performapal Pendulum)
  4. Barrett Arthur Keys (Monarchs)
  5. Ryan Kaleo Murakami (Kozmos)
  6. Garon Lamar Williams (Performapal Pendulum)
  7. Denny Yu (Performapal Pendulum)
  8. Shna Janyaprayot (Monarchs)

After 10 intense Rounds of Swiss, the Top 8 Decks are pretty diverse. Performapal Pendulum is the most represented but not by much, only putting three Duelists into the Top 8. Phantom Knights were a big surprise at this tournament, and the only two piloting the strategy in the event made the Top Cut. A unique take on Monarchs that utilize an Extra Deck for powerful Xyz plays also performed very well, with two Duelists utilizing this variant in the Top Cut. Finally, a single lone Kozmo Duelist rounded out the Top 8 Decks giving us a total of four different strategies if you group every variant of Performapal Pendulum together.

Who will claim the title of Ultimate Duelist?!