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Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Atlanta, Georgia!

February 6th, 2016

YCS_LOGOIt’s almost time for Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Atlanta, Georgia!

Welcome to YCS Atlanta


The Dueling landscape is unlike ever before, with Pendulum Monsters appearing to be dominantly at the forefront of the competitive scene. The Master of Pendulum Structure Deck, released on December 4th, infused powerful Magician Pendulum Monsters into the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. Today’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series tournament is the first YCS event in North America where these cards can be used.


But anticipated to have even more of an impact, Breakers of Shadow (released on January 15th) breathed life into the Performapal Pendulum Deck that is expected to take this weekend’s tournament by storm! Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer, Performapal Monkeyboard, and Performapal Guitartle have made Performapal Pendulum Decks one of the fastest Decks there is. They’ve also made it easy to Summon powerful new ace monsters like Cyber Dragon Infinity and Traptrix Rafflesia.


But Pendulum Decks aren’t the only Decks that got a huge boost from Breakers of Shadow. Mermail Decks are more powerful than ever before thanks to the release of Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince, and Kozmo Decks are newly enhanced with Kozmojo, Kozmo Dark Eclipser, Kozmo Tincan, and other Kozmo monsters.


Finally, new Spell and Trap Cards from Breakers of Shadow, like Twin Twisters and Solemn Strike are expected to make their way into nearly all Duelists’ Decks to counteract the dominance of Pendulum Monsters and pesky new monster effects.


Breakers of Shadow and the Master of Pendulum Structure Deck aren’t the only things that have changed the Dueling world since December. The Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck, released on January 29th, introduced new support for old Monarch Decks! The new cards available in this Structure Deck, particularly Erebus the Underworld Monarch, Ehther the Heavenly Monarch, Domain of the True Monarchs, and Pantheism of the Monarchs, are likely to forever revolutionize Monarch Decks and bring Monarchs into a new era of competitive Dueling.


1458 competitors have registered this weekend, but only one Duelist can win! Follow the coverage to see all of the action here at YCS Atlanta 2016! It’s almost time to Duel!