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Out and About: Photo Gallery

March 13th, 2016

Here’s a look at what’s happening here at YCS Las Vegas!

Here we have the VIP Duelist area, set apart from the rest of the crowd.

VIP Duelist Area

There’s over a thousand players registered for the Main Event alone!

So... many... players...

Even though most players are in the Main Event, there’s still quite a few ready for Public Events!

Lots of Public Events going on

There’s a Win-A-Mat tournament underway.

Playing some Public Events

Up on the main stage, we have the Feature Match being played over the live stream! Check it out on Twitch or YouTube!

Live stream is under way!

There’s a huge crowd here to watch the Feature Match!

A huge crowd gathers to watch the Feature Match!

Finally, here’s a panoramic shot of the whole event hall.

Panorama of YCS Las Vegas

Over on the left, we’ve got all the various Public Events, as well as the Parents’ Area. The main section of the hall houses all the Duelists in the Main Event, and on the right we have the VIP Duelist area.