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Public Events at YCS Las Vegas

March 13th, 2016

The main event of the YCS is always a supreme test of skill. However, there is also a huge variety of alternative ways to play and unique prizes in Public Events! Here’s a breakdown of what you we’ve got at YCS Las Vegas, including all the awesome prizes!


Regional Qualifiers – These are just like the Regional Qualifiers elsewhere in the country, but with one big difference. These are limited to sixteen players! It’s a great opportunity to earn some prizes, including a Regional Game Mat, a Regional Deck Box, and get your invitation to the World Championship Qualifier.

Regional Mat

3 vs. 3 Team Dueling – Go in with a team of three Duelists, each of you facing an opponent from the other team. The team that wins the most of their three Matches is the winner! It’s much like regular Swiss play, but each of your team mates needs to play strong! The top teams get uncut sheets of Secret Rares from the most recent Booster Pack.

ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! – This is a 32 entrant tournament, with the winner taking home a GIANT sized Yu-Gi-Oh! card. At YCS Las Vegas, we’ve got giant copies of cards from Premium Gold: Infinite Gold: Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal and Number 106: Giant Hand!

Giant Beatrice

Gianter Hand

Battle City Tournament – Duelists here compete for a Battle City game mat! Runners-up get a Battle City Token card.

Dragon Duel – Specially made for Duelists under 13, the Dragon Duel tournament is completely free to enter! It uses Battle Pack Sealed format for the main Dragon Duel tournaments on Saturday and Sunday. Then, the winners of each tournament face off with Constructed Decks in the Dragon Duel Championship! The top four of each tournament get a game mat, a t-shirt, and a medal. Plus, the final Champion gets a trophy!

Here’s our Dragon Duelists, already battling it out!

Dragon Duelists

Duelist League – This is a Swiss format tournament, where every entrant gets a special Rare variant Duelist League card. Taking first place gets you an extra card!

Starter Deck and Structure Deck Tournaments – When you enter one of these, you’ll get a new Starter or Structure Deck, like all the other entrants. You’ll have to face each other with the same cards, to see who’s the most skilled – or the luckiest! These tournaments have special game mats as a prize!

Master of Pendulum Mat

Emperor of Darkness Mat

Ultimate Duelist Series Qualifier – All entrants will get 5 UDS points and a UDS lanyard, while the winner gets a UDS pin and 20 UDS points! For more info on the Ultimate Duelist Series, click here.

Win-A-Mat – This is a tournament with a one-of-a-kind mat, only available in this Public Event at a YCS. The mats change frequently, so these are very special!

Win A Mat

Yu-Gi-Oh! Day Tournament – The winner here gets a unique Yu-Gi-Oh! Day game mat, and all other entrants get a Yu-Gi-Oh! Day Token card.

YuGiOh Day Mat

Public Events Playoff – This is the big one! Every time you enter a Public Event, you’ll receive some points. At the end of the YCS, the four players with the most Public Event points will face off in a Single Elimination bracket. The winner gets a Super Rare copy of the YCS Prize Card, Minerva, Lightsworn Maiden! In addition, four completely random Public Event Duelists will also play for a copy of Minerva! Anyone has a chance to win this extremely rare and powerful card.