Top Tables: Round 4

March 13th, 2016

Here are the top twenty Duelists as we begin Round 4!

Table 1: Denny Yu (Dracoslayer Performapal) vs. Ray Tanner (Kozmo)

Table 2: Oscar Edgardo Renderos (Dracoslayer Performapal) vs. David Lopez (Kozmo)

Table 3: Jordan James Armstrong (Monarch) vs. Barret Arthur Keys (Dracoslayer Performapal)

Table 4: Miles Ryan Long (Monarch) vs. Jesus Carmen Sanchez Resendiz (Dracoslayer Performapal)

Table 5: Michael Anthony Reyes Mostajo Jr. (Monarch) vs. Amit Signh Deol (Dracoslayer Performapal)

Table 6: Sergio Antonio Guzman (Kozmo) vs. Christian Val Noah Mayers (Kozmo)

Table 7: Michael O’Neill Rivera Ortega (Dracoslayer Performapal) vs. Marcus Stashu Carisse (Burning Abyss)

Table 8: Peter Cheng (Kozmo) vs. Adrian Sean Shakir (Dracoslayer Performapal)

Table 9: Carlos Julio Franco Jr. (Phantom Knight Speedroid) vs. Michael Anthony Comaduran (Dracoslayer Performapal)

Table 10: Fred Sutton III (Lightsworn) vs. Jacob Hebl (Kozmo)

That gives us:

8 Dracoslayer Performapal
6 Kozmo
3 Monarch
1 Burning Abyss
1 Phantom Knight Speedroid
1 Lightsworn

The field seems to be leaning toward the Performapal and Kozmo Decks for now, but there’s a handful of other Decks showing themselves near the top tables. The first day of the tournament is only halfway through, so a lot could change in that time!