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Who’s here at the YCS – Costa Rica?

March 19th, 2016

Some notable players from around the Americas:

Alejandro Vivaldo Suarez (Mexico): 2-time YCS Champion, 1-time SJC Champion, 2013 Central American Champion

Barreth Keys (United States): 2-time YCS Champion

Galileo de Obaldia (Panama): 2010 World Champion

Marco Ruiz (Costa Rica): 3rd Place at 2013 Dragon Duel World Championship

Angel Flores (Mexico): 3-time YCS Champion

Jose Cubero (Costa Rica):  2011 Central America Champion

Jonathan Vazquez (Mexico): 1-time YCS Champion


We also have VIP Qualifiers!  Welcome to all the VIP Qualifiers:

Nelson Abel Marenco Garcia from Costa Rica (Avalon Game Arena)

Jose Alberto Cubero Quesada from Costa Rica (Game Shop Limitada)

Gerald Yagans South Chaves from Costa Rica (Krypton)

Daniel Jeremias Contreras Galicia from Guatemala (Maxi 9.99)

Alejandro Garcia Moreno from Mexico (Monster Sprim)

Adrian Madriz Espinoza from Mexico (Universal Anime & Comics)

Josue Daniel Guevara Barcenas from El Salvador (Yugi House)


Did you know that VIP Qualifiers have a two-Round bye?  For more information, visit http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/specialevents.html.