YCS Las Vegas VIP Duelists

March 13th, 2016

Each YCS, we have a select few Very Important People. These are Duelists that have won their local VIP Qualifier tournaments, to earn special YCS perks! When they win their tournament, they receive a special Battle City game mat. When they make it to the YCS, it gets even better!

First, their entry into the YCS is completely free. They also get a bye in the first two rounds of the tournament – that’s two less Matches they’ll have to win to make the top cut, and a lot less pressure off their shoulders. Finally, all VIP Duelists get to relax in their own special VIP area! It’s a separate set of tables, where all their Duels will take place. No running around looking for a table, and no bumping elbows with the rest of the crowd! They’re living in luxury for the whole event!

We’ve got nine VIP Duelists in attendance today:

Timothy Trong-Tin La, from Hawthorne, CA, qualifying with Monarchs

Nathan Bitle, from El Paso, TX, qualifying with Monarchs

Jeffrey Alan Rime, from Provo, UT, qualifying with Kozmos

Bryant Caradang Conti, from San Jose, CA, qualifying with Performapals

Ilijan Paurevic, from Twin Falls, ID, qualifying with Performapals

Emilio Enrico Castillo, from Tempe, AZ, qualifying with Monarchs

Van Phillip Spillman, from La Puente, CA, qualifying with Performapals

Joseph Chou Jr., from Taylorsville, UT, qualifying with Performapals

Todd Liensey Carlson, from Renton, WA, qualifying with Monarchs

Good luck to our VIP Duelists, and all Duelists in attendance here at YCS Las Vegas!