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Bounty at YCS – Santiago

April 30th, 2016

As is often the case at our Latin American events, we’ve got Duelists from all over the Americas participating this weekend.  Here are our bounties!  Who will take home all those extra Packs?!

Goncalves da Silva, Paulo Roberto from Brazil

Leites, Ezequiel Alejandro from Argentina

Garcia Moreno, Alejandro from Mexico
Galarza Arevalo, Jonathan Giancarlo from Peru
Torres Reyes, Andres David from Colombia
Farfan Soto, Sergio Mauricio from Bolivia
Vera Moran, Rogger Antonio from Chile
Keys, Barrett Arthur from United States
Sanchez Olmos, Montserrat Annette from Chile
Vargas Gonzalez, Maria de los Angeles from Chile