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QQ: Which Deck Do You Think Will Win This Weekend?

April 10th, 2016

QQ stands for Quick Questions! The field of Decks is diverse this weekend, but only one Deck can take first place! I surveyed the Duelists in attendance this weekend to see which Deck they think will win this weekend. Check out their responses!


“Monarchs. It can FTK, recover, and is an auto-win against most Decks. Stormforth, Pantheism, Ehther, and Erebus are insane.” –Darien Lowe


“Some variant of Performapal Pendulum.” –Donny Nguyen


“Mermails.” –Vicente Ortega


“Burning Abyss.” –Henry Tumkaya


“Performapals will win.” –Elliot Winford


“Xyz Monarchs.” –Korey McDuffie


“Performapal Pendulums.” –Jonathan Moore


“Performapal Pendulums.” –Benjamin Leverett


“Performapal Pendulums.” –Joshua Johnson


“Monarchs.” –Julie Vasquez


“Kozmos or Deskbots.” –Alexander Chu


“Either Performapal Pendulums or Phantom Knights.” –Hisam Jawhari


“Performapal Pendulums.” –Hani Jawhari


There are lots of different Decks predicted to win this weekend, but most Duelists seem to think that Performapal Pendulums are still on top. Are they right? Follow the coverage to find out!