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QQ: Which Deck Will Be Strongest On April 11th?

April 10th, 2016


QQ stands for Quick Questions! A new Forbidden & Limited List takes effect on April 11th, and Duelists are already trying to figure out which Decks will be strongest when that happens! I surveyed the Duelists in attendance this weekend to see which Decks they think will reign supreme starting tomorrow. Check out their responses!


“Burning Abyss Phantom Knights.” –Jeremy Forsythe


“Monarchs and Burning Abyss, followed by Kozmo as a close third.” –Darien Lowe


“Kozmo, Monarchs, and Burning Abyss as the top 3 Decks.” –Donny Nguyen


“Burning Abyss Phantom Knights.” –Vicente Ortega


“Burning Abyss and Kozmos.” –Henry Tumkaya


“Burning Abyss Phantom Knights.” –Elliot Winford


“Xyz Monarchs.” –Korey McDuffie


“A Rank 3 Dante Deck and Monarchs.” –Long Nguyen


“Quantum Monarchs.” –Benjamin Leverett


“Monarchs.” –Joshua Johnson


“Monarchs.” –Julie Vasquez


“Kozmo or Burning Abyss.” –Alexander Chu


“Kozmo or Burning Abyss.” –Hisam Jawhari


“Kozmo.” –Hani Jawhari


“Super Quantums or Kozmos.” –Stephen Avelar


Burning Abyss Decks, Monarch Decks, and Kozmo Decks look like they’re projected to be the strongest Decks starting tomorrow; but the reality remains to be seen! April 11th will herald a new world of Dueling!