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QQ: Which Voice Actors Should Duel?

April 10th, 2016

QQ stands for Quick Questions! At special Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series events, voice actors from the animated Yu-Gi-Oh! series reprise their roles as Duelists and face off against other voice actors in a Live Duel for tournament attendees to watch. I surveyed the Duelists in attendance this weekend to see which voice actors’ characters from the animated Yu-Gi-Oh! series they would like to see Duel in a future Live Duel. Check out their responses!


“Mai Valentine.” –Jeremy Forsythe


“Reginald Kastle (AKA Shark) and Kaiba would be a cool Match.” –Darien Lowe


“Jaden (HERO) vs. Yuya (Performapal).” –Donny Nguyen


“Alexis and Pegasus.” –Vicente Ortega


“Yami Marik vs. Yami Bakura.” –Henry Tumkaya


“Weevil vs. Rex.” –Elliot Winford


“Marik.” –Korey McDuffie


“Dan Green. [Yugi]. He’s the man!” –Jonathan Moore


“Any of the original characters.” –Long Nguyen


“Kaiba.” –Julie Vasquez


“Yugi and Kaiba vs. Yusei and Jack.” –Alexander Chu


“Jesse Anderson.” –Hisam Jawhari


“Kaiba vs. Yugi, using new support.” –Hani Jawhari


It’s fun to watch a lot of the old characters Duel. Which characters are your favorites?