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YCS Houston Table of Contents

April 11th, 2016

Here are links to all of the coverage for the weekend!


Feature Matches!!


Round 1 Feature Match: Kyle Fisher vs. Dwight Mccombe

Round 1 Feature Match: Alexander Juneja vs. Yahir Amat

Round 2 Feature Match: Hani Jawhari vs. Paul Cooper

Round 2 Feature Match: Hisam Jawhari vs. Roland Marez

Round 3 Feature Match: Nicholas Alombro vs. Vikash Motwani

Round 4 Feature Match: Taylor Huynh vs. Darrius Jackson

Round 4 Feature Match: Nestor Gomez vs. Jaime Aguilar

Round 5 Feature Match: Patrick Hoban vs. Octavio Prado

Round 6 Feature Match: Andres Torres vs. Charles Denton

Round 6 Feature Match: Cameran Paul vs. Kyle Turnbull

Round 7 Feature Match: Matthew Winford vs. Jesse Gallet

Round 7 Feature Match: Junior Puente vs. Andrew Truong

Round 8 Feature Match: Christopher LeBlanc vs. Jesse Flores

Round 8 Feature Match: Howard Autin vs. Colby Blomstrom

Round 9 Feature Match: Hani Jawhari vs. Henry Tumkaya

Round 9 Feature Match: Jonathon Castillo Gomez vs. Jacob Cope

Round 10 Feature Match: Mark Myatt vs. Billy Brake

Round 10 Feature Match: Chase Cunningham vs. Giovanni Gonzalez

Top 32 Feature Match: Jose Lagunes vs. Esala Wathathantrige

Top 16 Feature Match: Miguel Soto vs. Cameron Neal

Top 16 Feature Match: Paul Infante vs. Andres Arreola

Top 8 Feature Match: Patrick James vs. Andres Torres

Finals Feature Match: Andres Torres vs. Christopher Brown


Dragon Duels!!


Saturday’s Dragon Duel Feature: David Flores vs. Tyler Hanson

Saturday’s Dragon Duel Top 4

Sunday’s Dragon Duel Feature: Kevin Thai vs. Jaxon Peairson

Sunday’s Dragon Duel Top 4

Dragon Duel Playoff Feature Match: Kevin Thai vs. Tyler Hanson

YCS Houston Dragon Duel Playoff Winner


Quick Questions!!


QQ: What’s Your Favorite New Card In Premium Gold: Infinite Gold?

QQ: What’s Your Favorite Change to the F&L List?

QQ: Which Cards Are You Using to Get An Edge Over the Competition?

QQ: Which Deck Do You Think Will Win This Weekend?

QQ: What’s Your Favorite Reprint in Premium Gold: Infinite Gold?

QQ: Which Voice Actors Should Duel?

QQ: Which Deck Will Be Strongest on April 11th?

QQ: How Are You Going to Beat Performapal Pendulums?


Top Tables Update!!


Top Tables Update: Round 4

Top Tables Update: Round 5

Top Tables Update: Round 6

Top Tables Update: Round 7

Top Tables Update: Round 8

Top Tables Update: Round 9

Top Tables Update: Round 10

Top Tables Update: Top 32


Tech Update!!


Tech Update: Burning Abyss Phantom Knights







Special Features!!


Welcome to YCS Houston!

YCS Houston First-Timers

Prize Case Showcase

Final Standings for Day 1

YCS Houston Top 32 Deck Breakdown

Top 8 Pairings

Top 4 Pairings

And the Winner Is…

Top 3 from YCS Houston

YCS Houston 3 vs. 3

Public Events Points Playoff Winner

Public Events Random Playoff Winner

Final Standings: YCS Houston