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QQ: What’s Your Favorite Mirror Force?

May 29th, 2016

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Mirror Force has been a popular card, ever since it was first released in Metal Raiders. Now, there are lots of different Mirror Force cards, each of which has unique strengths and weaknesses. I surveyed the Duelists in attendance this weekend to see which Mirror Force card is their favorite. Check out their responses!

Drowning Mirror Force.” –Kevin Lim


Mirror Force Dragon!” –Paulie Aronson


Drowning Mirror Force.” –Joe Ruscitto


Blazing Mirror Force!” –Adam Belohradsky


Drowning Mirror Force.” –Jonathan Szkolnik


Mirror Force.” –Matthew Pelletier


Drowning Mirror Force.” –Jacob Hamlin


Mirror Force.” –Edgar Rodriguez


Drowning Mirror Force.” –Alexis Torres


Storming Mirror Force.” –Amit Deol


Blazing Mirror Force.” –Jonathan Philip Castillo-Gomez


Quaking Mirror Force.” –Patrick Jones


Dark Mirror Force.” –Nishaad Loreng


Drowning Mirror Force.” –Ryan Arthur Levine


Storming Mirror Force.” –Malik Dancy


Dark Mirror Force.” –Blair Hunter


MIRROR FORCE.” –Eddie Strom


“The original Mirror Force because Yugi used it!” –Aaron Furman


Radiant Mirror Force.” –Matt Cairoli


Dark Mirror Force.” –Jake Phinney


Drowning Mirror Force.” –Michael Albanese


Drowning Mirror Force from Shining Victories seems to be the favorite Mirror Force among competitors this weekend, but lots of different Mirror Forces have their supporters. Which Mirror Force card is your favorite?