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QQ: Which Deck Will Win This Weekend?  

May 29th, 2016


QQ stands for Quick Questions! Now that Shining Victories, Millennium Pack, and Starter Deck – Yuya are legal for tournament play and a new Forbidden & Limited List is in effect, it’s tough to predict which Deck will win this weekend. Nevertheless, I surveyed this weekend’s competitors to see which Deck they think will emerge on top at the end of the weekend. Check out their responses!


“Kozmo or Monarchs.” –Kevin Lim


“Domain Monarchs.” –Paulie Aronson


“Probably Monarchs.” –Joe Ruscitto


“Monarchs.” –Jonathan Szkolnik


“Monarchs.” –Matthew Pelletier


“Monarchs.” –Jacob Hamlin


“Kozmo.” –Rickie Ricketts


“Fire King Kozmo.” – Edgar Rodriguez


“Kozmo.” –Alexis Torres


“Phantom Knight Burning Abyss.” –Amit Deol


“Fire King Kozmos.” –Adam Belohradsky


“Monarchs.” –Patrick Jones


“Extra Deck Monarchs.” –Ryan Arthur Levine


“Kozmo.” –Nishad Loreng


“Kozmo Fire King.” –Eddie Strom


“Kozmo.” –Matt Cairoli


It looks like Monarchs are Kozmos are the favorites to win this weekend. Will the surveyed Duelists be correct in their prediction? Follow the coverage to find out!