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Round 6 Feature Match: Ivan Cortez versus Matthew Souza

May 29th, 2016

When we looked over the top tables for the next feature match, I spotted an Elemental HERO deck, and we assumed there would be new tech like Card of Demise to boost the strategy. Truth be told, we didn’t find any such new tech. And yet, Ivan Cortez has piloted his Elemental HERO Deck to a 4-1 record today. He’s playing against Matthew Souza running Majespecters also with a 4-1 record. Who can keep their streak going? Let’s find out!

Game 1

Cortez won the roll and elected to go first.

Cortez opened up with Raigeki, Ultimate Providence, Summoner Monk, E – Emergency Call and Instant Fusion. He Normal Summoned Summoner Monk, used its effect to pitch E-Call, Special Summoned Elemental HERO Shadow Mist from the Deck, and Shadow Mist activated, adding Mask Change from Deck to hand, which was immediately activated, sending Shadow Mist to grave, Special Summoning Masked HERO Dark Law. Instant Fusion came down, Special Summoning Elder Entity Norden which in turn Special Summoned Shadow Mist. Shadow Mist and Elder Entity Norden were used to Xyz Summon Traptrix Rafflesia.

Souza drew for turn and activated Mystical Space Typhoon, destroying Ultimate Providence. Souza then activated Upstart Goblin. Cortez activated Masked HERO Dark Law which randomly banished Majespecter Sonics.

Majespecter Fox – Kyubi was Normal Summoned, the effect added Majespecter Tornado. Majesty’s Pegasus was activated, Tributing Kyubi (which was banished) to Special Summon Majespecter Toad – Ogama which added Sonics. Souza then set 3 and passed.

Cortez drew Ultimate Providence. He activated Monk’s effect, discarding Raigeki to Special Summon Shadow Mist from the Deck. Shadow Mist’s effect was used to add another copy of Mask Change from Deck to hand. Cortez considered his Extra Deck options before going into the Battle Phase. He then went into Main Phase 2, set both Ultimate Providence and Mask Change and passed turn.

Souza went right into the Battle Phase and had Toad attack into Masked HERO Dark Law. In the Damage Step, Souza flipped his set Majespecter Sonics to double Toad’s ATK but it does half damage this turn. In Main Phase 2, Souza used Majesty’s Pegasus to Tribute Toad to Special Summon Majespecter Raccoon – Bunbuku whose effect was used to search another Raccoon.

Cortez top-decked Mask Charge. He flipped-up his set Mask Change targeting Shadow Mist. Souza chained Solemn Warning, paying 2000 LP to negate Mask Change, putting him at 6000 LP to Cortez’s 8700 LP. He proceeded to Xyz Summon Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer using Elemental HERO Shadow Mist and Summoner Monk but the Summon was negated by Majespecter Tempest. Cortez used Shadow Mist’s Graveyard effect to add Elemental HERO Bubbleman from Deck to hand. He set Mask Charge, Special Summoned Bubbleman, then flipped-up Mask Charge, getting Mask Change and Shadow Mist back to hand. In the Battle Phase, Bubbleman swung for 800 and then Mask Change turned Bubbleman into Masked HERO Acid which destroyed Majesty’s Pegasus and Majespecter Tornado. Acid then attacked for 2600 before Cortez passed.

Souza Normal Summoned Majespecter Raccoon – Bunbuku and activated effect but Cortez negated it with Ultimate Providence, discarding Shadow Mist who used its effect to add Elemental HERO Blazeman from Deck to hand. Souza then activated Majesty’s Pegasus, Tributing Raccoon to Special Summon Majespecter Cat – Nekomata. Cat’s effect added another Raccoon from Deck to hand in the End Phase.

Cortez drew Mirror Force. He Normal Summoned Elemental HERO Blazeman, and used its effect to search for Fusion Substitute (whose name is always treated as Polymerization). He activated Fusion Substitute, fusing Acid and Blazeman to Fusion Summon Elemental HERO Absolute Zero! He then banished Fusion Substitute, returning Acid from the Graveyard to the Extra Deck to draw E – Emergency Call. He attacked with Absolute Zero, destroying Majespecter Cat – Nekomata.


Souza Normal Summoned Majespecter Raccoon – Bunbuku, searching for Majespecter Fox – Kyubi. He then activated Fox and Lector Pendulum the Dracoverlord as Pendulum Scales. Souza then Pendulum Summoned 4 monsters; 2 Racooons, a Cat and a Toad! Toad’s effect added Majespecter Tempest from Deck to hand which was immediately set. Cat and Racoon were used to Xyz Summon Totem Bird, but Traptrix Rafflesia effect was activated sending Bottomless Trap Hole to the Graveyard to use its effect. 2 Racooons were then used to Xyz Summon Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction! In the Battle Phase, Number 30 attacked into Absolute Zero but ran into Mirror Force! Only Toad was left standing in its wake. In Main Phase 2, Majesty’s Pegasus Tributed Toad to Special Summon Fox. In the End Phase, he added Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin to his hand for the Cat Summon previously in the turn.

Cortez activated E-Call, getting the third Shadow Mist which was Normal Summoned. He set a Spell/Trap and Special Summoned Bubbleman. He then Xyz Summoned Daigusto Emeral. He used its effect to send back Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer, Masked HERO Dark Law and Bubbleman to draw instant fusion.  The detached Shadow Mist effect let him add another Bubbleman from Deck to hand. He set instant Fusion and Special Summoned and attacked with all 3 monsters for game!

game 1 end


Game 2

Souza elected to go first. He Normal Summoned Cat, set 3 and searched for Raccoon in the End Phase.


Cortez opened up with Summoner Monk, Elemental HERO Bubbleman, Mask Charge, Twin Twisters, Ultimate Providence and Fusion Substitute. He activated Twin Twisters, discarding Fusion Substitute, destroying TT and Majespecter Tempest. He Normal Summoned Summoner Monk, but its effect was negated by another Majespecter Tempest. He passed with an empty field.

Souza attempted to activate Crow and Vector Pendulum, the Dracoverlord as Pendulum Scales but Vector Pendulum, the Dracoverlord was negated by Ultimate Providence, sending Mask Charge to the Graveyard. He then Normal Summoned Raccoon, searched for a card and attacked for 1200.

Cortez drew another Ultimate Providence, set it and passed.

Souza Normal Summoned Fox, attacked with Fox and Raccoon, set one and passed.

Cortez drew Elemental HERO Shadow Mist, set it and passed.

Souza Normal Summoned Lector Pendulum, attacked into Shadow Mist with it. Shadow Mist activated but Souza negated it with Tempest, Tributing Fox. Raccoon attacked firectly for 1200. In Main Phase 2, Souza activated another Vector Pendulum, the Dracoverlord and Pendulum Summoned Fox. He attempted to activated the effect but had no Traps remaining in the deck.

Cortez drew A Hero Lives which was activated sending Cortez to 1450 LP at which point time was called. Elemental HERO Shadow Mist was Special Summoned, then Elemental HERO Bubbleman was Normal Summoned. He began looking through his Extra Deck for an option, and decided to go into the Battle Phase (and received a Slow Play Warning for taking too long.) Cortez activated Mask Change, turning Bubbleman into Masked HERO Acid, destroying the Pendulum Spells and weakening all of Souza’s monsters by 300 ATK each. Acid attacked into Lector Pendulum the Dracoverlord and Shadow Mist attacked into Raccoon.

Souza set a card and passed.

Cortez drew another Elemental HERO Shadow Mist which was Normal Summoned. He then used the 2 Shadow Mists to Xyz Summon Gagaga Samurai. Shadow Mists’s in-Grave effect added Elemental HERO Bubbleman from Deck to hand. Gagaga Samurai attacked Fox then it attacked again for direct damage, then Acid attacked directly. LP now stood at 1450 to 2150. In the End Phase, Mystical Space Typhoon destroyed Cortez’s set card but on the next turn, the topdeck wasn’t enough to beat the field, and Souza extended the handshake.

game 3 end

Cortez moves on with his HERO deck with a 5-1 record!