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Sunday’s Dragon Duel Feature Match: Connor Perrotta versus Eddie Strom IV

May 29th, 2016

Today’s Dragon Duel tournament featured 5 Dragon Duelists. This is the final round of Swiss and we’re at Table 1 where the winner of this match stands a good chance of taking 1st place in today’s tournament, setting the stage for the Dragon Duel Championship playoff later today. It’s Connor Joseph Perrotta vs. Eddie Martin Strom IV. Who will outwit, outduel and outlast? Let’s find out.

Game 1

Strom won the roll and elected to go first. He started off with a set monster and set Spell/Trap.

Perrotta opened up by Normal Summoning Hyper Hammerhead and attacking into Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite.

Strom Normal Summoned Fortress Warrior. He returned it to his hand to Special Summon Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite. Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite attacked over Hyper Hammerhead. Zephyros was returned to Strom’s hand by Hyper Hammerhead’s effect.

Perrotta drew for turn, set a monster and passed.

Strom drew and Normal Summoned Fortress Warrior again, activated Swords of Revealing Light and passed.

Perrotta set another monster and passed.

Strom Tributed Fortress Warrior for Cybernetic Magician, attacking and destroying Giant Soldier of Stone.

Perrotta set a monster and passed.

Strom Normal Summoned Skilled White Magician, then activated Cybernetic Magician’s effect to boost Skilled White Magician’s ATK to 2000, then activated Premature Burial, paying 800 LP to Special Summon Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite from the Graveyard. Cybernetic Magician’s effect was used again, discarding another card to make the Blackwing’s ATK 2000. Strom had Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite attack into the one of the face-downs, the 2100 DEF Hedge Guard, taking 100 damage. Cybernetic Magician attacked over the Plant monster and Skilled White Magician destroyed Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts, giving Perrotta 2 Nordic Beast Tokens. He overlaid Skilled White Magician and Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite to Xyz Summon Number 39: Utopia!

Perrotta Tributed both Nordic Beast Tokens for White Night Dragon! He attempted to equip it with Axe of Despair, but White Night Dragon’s own mandatory effect negated the spell and sent it to the Graveyard.

Strom used Cybernetic Magician’s effect to weaken White Night Dragon to 2000 ATK, then attacked over it with Cybernetic Magician! Number 39: Utopia attacked, then Strom activated Ego Boost and Kunai with Chain to boost Utopia’s ATK to 4000!

Perrotta drew and passed.

Strom attempted to attack for game, but the attack was stopped by Perrotta’s Battle Fader!

Perrotta set Possessed Dark Soul and passed.

Strom used Cybernetic Magician to attack over Battle Fader and Utopia destroyed Possessed Dark Soul.

Perrotta set Morphing Jar.

Strom Normal Summoned Abyssal Kingshark, then attacked into Morphing Jar with Cybernetic Magician, both players discarding their hands and drawing 5 cards. Attacks from Abyssal Kingshark and Utopia closed out game 1!

game 1 end

Game 2

Perrotta elected to go first. He started out by setting Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts and Blast with Chain.

Strom activated Mystical Space Typhoon, destroying the face-down Blast with Chain. He Normal Summoned Blue Thunder T-45 and attacked into Tanngrisnir. Perrotta got 2 Nordic Beast Tokens while Strom got a Thunder Option Token which destroyed one of Perrotta’s beast tokens.

Perrotta activated Creature Swap, exchanging Tokens. Next, he Tributed the Thunder Option Token for Caius the Shadow Monarch! He banished his opponent’s Token and passed.

Strom set a monster, set a Spell/Trap and passed.

Perrotta set Gyroid and Kunai with Chain and passed.

Strom Flip Summoned Old Vindictive Magician, destroying Caius, then activated Ante! Strom revealed Witch of the Black Forest while Perrotta revealed the only card in his hand, Possessed Dark Soul which was sent to the Graveyard. Strom then attacked with Blue Thunder T-45 but it was blocked by Perrotta’s Kunai with Chain.

Perrotta Tributed Gyroid for Skull Archfiend of Lightning.

Strom switched Old Vindictive Magician to Defense Position. Then, he Normal Summoned Witch of the Black Forest then Xyz Summoned Number 39: Utopia using Skilled White Magician and Witch of the Black Forest! Utopia crashed with Skull Archfiend of Lightning and Blue Thunder attacked directly.

Perrotta Normal Summoned Cyber Valley and passed.

Strom Normal Summoned Psi-Blocker, using its effect to prevent Cyber Valley’s effects from being used! He switched Old Vindictive Magician to Attack Position, then attacked with it to destroy Cyber Valley, then Psi-Blocker and then Blue Thunder made direct attacks!

Perrotta drew Burden of the Mighty, which he immediately activated.

Strom Normal Summoned Naturia Strawberries and attacked with all of his monsters for game!

game 2 end