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YCS Providence Table of Contents!

May 29th, 2016

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Feature Matches

Round 1 Feature Match: Ian Fitzpatrick vs. Larry Musgrove

Round 1 Feature Match: Kelton Dougherty vs. Vimin To

Round 2 Feature Match: Alex Vansant vs. Julio Manjarrez

Round 3 Feature Match: Tyree Tinsley vs. Evan LaBarge

Round 4 Feature Match: Octavio Santiago vs. Steven McMearty

Round 5 Feature Match: Carlos Flores vs. Cristian Urena

Round 6 Feature Match: Cleivis Alfama vs. Jason Zimmerman

Round 6 Feature Match: Ivan Cortez vs. Matthew Souza

Round 7 Feature Match: Michael Egna vs. Steven Gleason

Round 8 Feature Match: Tahmid Zaman vs. Tucker Lau

Round 8 Feature Match: Vincent Silverman vs. Steven Tarnok

Round 9 Feature Match: David Hayes vs. Brandon Funderburke

Round 9 Feature Match: Erik Goodwin vs. Malik Dancy

Round 10 Feature Match: Korey McDuffie vs. Alex Ng

Round 10 Feature Match: Thomas Mak vs. Amr Hassan

Top 32 Feature Match: Sean Martinov vs. Robert Potter

Top 32 Feature Match: Frazier Smith vs. Charles Kip

Top 16 Feature Match: Reinaldo Jose Lainez Diaz vs. John Nguyen

Top 16 Feature Match: Roland Fang vs. Alexander Buell

Top 4 Feature Match: Dave Hayes vs. James Kim

Finals Feature Match: James Kim vs. Tahmid Zaman


Dragon Duel Features

Saturday’s Dragon Duel Feature Match: Lyndon Neff vs. Eddie Strom

Saturday’s Dragon Duel Top 4

Sunday’s Dragon Duel Feature Match: Connor Perrotta vs. Eddie Strom

Sunday’s Dragon Duel – TOP 5!?!?!?

Dragon Duel Playoff Feature Match: Lyndon Neff vs. Connor Perrotta


Photo Galleries

Round 2 Photo Gallery

3 vs. 3 Tournament Top Teams


Quick Questions!

QQ: What’s Your Favorite Card in Shining Victories?

QQ: Who Would Win – Jade, Yusei, Yuma, or Yuya?

QQ: What’s Your Favorite Card in the Millennium Pack?

QQ: What’s Your Favorite Card in Starter Deck – Yuya?

QQ: What’s Your Favorite Mirror Force?

QQ: Which Cards Are You Using to Get An Edge Over the Competition?

QQ: Which Deck Will Win This Weekend?


Top Table Updates

Top Tables Update: Round 4

Top Tables Update: Round 6

Top Tables Update: Round 7

Top Tables Update: Round 8

Top Tables Update: Round 9

Top 32 Duelists and Decks


Standings and Pairings

Standings: Round 3

Standings: Round 4

Standings: Round 5

Standings: Round 7

Standings: Round 8 (End of Day 1)

Standings: Round 9

Standings: Round 10

Top 32 Pairings

Top 16 Pairings

Top 8 Pairings

Top 4 Pairings

Final Pairing

Final Standings for YCS Providence



Welcome to YCS Providence!

The Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME School Tournament Series

Prize Case Showcase

YCS First-Timers




YCS Providence Top 4

YCS Providence Winner

YCS Providence Dragon Duel Champion

YCS Providence Points Playoff Winner

YCS Providence Random Playoff Winner