YCS Providence Wrap-Up!

May 30th, 2016

This weekend was one to remember! This was the first North American YCS with Shining Victories and the Millennium Pack legal for play, bring strategies new and old to the forefront of competition. In the end, Tahmid Zaman from New York came out on top with his Phantom Knight / Burning Abyss deck, besting 738 other Duelists to claim his first YCS Championship!

With the release of Card of Demise, we saw a lot of strategies like Yosenju, Qliphort, Gravekeeper’s and even Kozmos take advantage of one of the best single card draw effects in the game. Pendulum-based Decks like Performapal/Odd-Eyes builds received new options in Performapal Odd-Eyes Unicorn and Performapal Odd-Eyes Light Phoenix, while everyone got a powerful Side Deck option against Extra Deck-based strategies in the form of Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries. The ability to decimate any Deck depending on Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss was reflected in the Top 32 breakdown with only 3 Burning Abyss Decks making it past the playoff cut. Getting new options like Kozmo Dark Planet and Kozmoll Dark Lady, Kozmo was the most well represented deck in the Top 32, taking 13 spots.

There was plenty going on outside of the Main Event as well, with ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! giving away two oversized copies of Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon and Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries to winners of their respective single elimination events. Win-A-Mats, Regional Qualifiers, Ultimate Duelist Series Qualifiers, Structure Deck, Starter Deck, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Day tournaments were run all weekend, and a new Dragon Duel champion was crowned in Lyndon Neff, winning the Dragon Duel playoff with a Scrap Deck!

It was a fun weekend, and we’ll see you at the next one at YCS Origins on June 18th and 19th!