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Check Out The New Win-A-Mat!

June 11th, 2016

Amongst the festivities here this weekend, a new Win-A-Mat exclusive game mat is making its debut!  Check out the latest Win-A-Mat prize, featuring Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon and the Dark Duelist himself, Yuto.


Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon’s a really popular Rank 4, so it’s a common pick for Decks with lots of Level 4’s and especially mixed Pendulum strategies.  But it’s also big in Phantom Knights: clocking in at Rank 3, The Phantom Knights of Break Sword has an effect that revives two “Phantom Knight” monsters from your Graveyard whenever Break Sword’s destroyed, boosting their Level by 1 and restricting you to Special Summoning DARK monsters for the rest of the turn.  Duelists generally run Number 66: Master Key Beetle and Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon for that effect.

With important roles in at least two of the format’s biggest strategies, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon is bound to be a popular Win-A-Mat prize.  Competitors here this weekend are the first in the world to add it to their collection, so competition in the Win-A-Mat public events is sure to be fierce.