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YCS Origins – QQ: What’s Your Favorite SHVI Card?

June 18th, 2016

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Now that Shining Victories has been out a while, what are everybody’s favorite cards?

“Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon” – Nicolai Howlett, 26

“Sage with Eyes of Blue” – Andrew Fredella, 26

“Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon” – Justin Brothers, 21

“Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon” – Corey Illegible Last Name, 26

“Raidraptor Ultimate Falcon” – Justin Singh, 19

“Kozmoll Dark Lady” – Tyler Tripoli, 15

“Drowning Mirror Force” – Jason Goodman, 20

“Angel Trumpeter” – Killian Combs, 24

“Crystal Wing” – Casey Campbell, 29

“Kozmo Landwalker ‘cause it protects psychics and you can destroy Kozmotown” – Robert Ludwig, 23

“Deskbot 009” – Grand Wilhelm, 12

“Toon Red-Eyes Black Dragon” – Jerry Barnett, 25

“Spirit of the Fall Wind (super cute card)” – Brian Koster, 35

“For sure Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries. It is very versatile and is an amazing side card.” – Andrew Tropp, 18

There were tons of opinions, but the one saw the most was Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon. It’s easy to see why, with its awesome effects!