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Round 10 Feature Match: Alonso Valente Llerenas Versus Guillermo Villicana Santillan

June 12th, 2016

Our Round 9 Top Table Update revealed that at least two Yosenju Duelists had a strong shot at making the Top 64 this weekend, and when we saw that Alonso Valente Llerenas had won his Round 9 Match, we wanted to see his Yosenjus in action.  The Yosenju deck plays Card of Demise and a deep trap lineup of deadly floodgate cards, creating control-oriented set-ups that keep your opponent from playing the game.

No lock lasts forever, but since Yosenjus offer a string of extra

Normal Summons, the lock doesn’t have to last long.  Just long enough for a couple turns of unopposed attacks.  In a tournament where so many Matches have become grind games going to time, that speed and overwhelming early game make Yosenjus a strong bet.

Llerenas traveled here this weekend from Tijuana, and his opponent this round is Queretaro’s Guillermo Villicana Santillan, playing Monarchs.  Monarchs are the most-represented theme in the tournament this weekend, and at the top tables right now, so this would’ve been a priority match-up for Llerenas when he was building his Deck.  This should be interesting to watch.

Santillan won the flip and opted to go first.  He activated Pantheism of the Monarchs discarding another copy to draw two cards, then banished his Pantheism to present his third Pantheism and two Strike of the Monarchs.  Llerenas gave him a Strike.  Santillan Set a monster and ended

Llerenas had a hand of two Yosenju Kama 3; Pot of Duality; Yosenju Tsujik; Vanity’s Emptiness; and Yosenju Kama 1.  He activated Pot of Duality, revealing Chaos Trap Hole, Necrovalley, and Yosenju Kama 2, taking Necrovalley.  Llerenas activated it, Normal Summoned Yosenju Kama 3, then Kama 2, then Kama 3, then Yosenju Tsujik.  He attacked with Kama 3 to destroy his opponent’s Set Eidos the Underworld Squire, then attacked with Tsujik to search his Deck for another Tsujik via Kama 3’s effect.  He attacked next with Kama 1 and the remaining Kama 3.  He Set Vanity’s Emptiness and ended, returning his Yosenjus to his hand.


Santillan was down to 1900 Life Points.  He Normal Summoned Eidos the Underworld Squire, revealed Mithra the Thunder Vassal, and Llerenas flipped Vanity’s Emptiness!  Santillan searched his last Pantheism of the Monarchs with Tenacity of the Monarchs, then activated it to pitch The Prime Monarch, digging for some removal.  He couldn’t find anything and conceded immediately.

A flurry of four attacks from a string of Yosenjus, combined with a clutch Vanity’s Emptiness deliver the Game 1 win to Alonso Valente Llerenas!  Santillan was now playing from behind, forced to rely on his Side Deck to grind out two wins straight and redeem the Match.  Meanwhile for Llerenas, victory could be just moments away.

Santillan opened the second Duel with Edea the Heavenly Squire, Special Summoning Eidos the Underworld Squire from his Deck.  He activated Hand Destruction, discarding his Pantheism of the Monarchs and Eidos, while Llerena dropped Yosenju Kama 1 and Yosenju Tsujik to the Graveyard.  Santillan banished his Pantheism to present three Tenacity of the Monarchs, taking one of them, and then revealed Ehther the Heavenly Monarch to search Return of the Monarchs with the Tenacity.  He Tribute Summoned the Ehther, searching Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch with Return, sending Pantheism and The Prime Monarch to the Graveyard, Special Summoning another Ehther.  He banished Eidos to Special Summon Edea, then banished Tenacity to Special Summon The Prime Monarch.

This time Llerenas had Yosenju Tsujik; Yosenju Kama 2; Mystical Space Typhoon; Dark Hole; Macro Cosmos; and Card of Demise!  He destroyed Return with Space Typhoon, activated Dark Hole to wipe the field, and Santillan banished his Return to bring back his Prime Monarch.  Llerenas Summoned Yosenju Kama 2, then Tsujik, and Set Macro Cosmos.  He attacked with Kama 2 to destroy it and made a direct attack with Tsujik to drop Santillan to 7000 Life Points.  Then he flipped Card of Demise, getting Necrovalley, Mask of Restrict, and Kama 1!  He activated Necrovalley, Set Mask, and ended his turn, losing his Kama 1 and taking back his other two Yosenju to his hand.  If Santillan couldn’t destroy that Mask of Restrict this one was over.

Santillan drew for his turn and Llerena flipped Macro Cosmos.  Santillan Special Summoned Mithra the Thunder Vassal, gave Llerena a Vassal Token with Mithra’s effect, and Santillan flipped Mask of Restrict!  Santillan screwed up his face, appearing visibly displeased, and set to shuffling his hand.  Eventually he Set one card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone, then activated Tenacity of the Monarchs, revealing Mobius the Frost Monarch (!) to search The Monarchs Stormforth.  He ended.

Llerena topdecked Fire Formation – Tenki.  He activated it to search Yosenju Kama 1, Summoned it, then Summoned Kama 2, then Tsujik, and turned his Vassal Token to attack mode.  He bounced away Mithra with Kama 1’s effect, and used Tsujik’s effect on Kama 2 to boost it to 2800 ATK  He attacked with everything, buffed by Fire Formation – Tenki, and knocked Santillan down to 500 Life Points.  Llerena finished the Match with Gagaga Cowboy in Main Phase 2!


A devastating display from Alonso Valente Llerenas puts him deep into the Top 64, dominating Guillermo Villicana Santillan’s Monarchs in mere minutes!  If Llerenas could keep doing that he’ll be leaving here today with a ticket to the World Championship.