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Round 7 Top Table Update

June 12th, 2016

With just two more rounds left in the tournament today, now’s a great time to look at the top tables and see what Decks are currently doing the best.  In any Swiss-style tournament, the most successful competitors are grouped together to play against each other; that way everyone competes against players with equal records, and roughly similar skill levels.  As a Duelist racks up more and more points over the course of a tournament, they’re pushed further and further toward Table Number 1, with the lowest table numbers the exclusive domain of undefeateds.

That means that once a tournament’s been going for a while, you can get a very accurate snapshot of which Decks are dominating the field just by looking at the top tables.  And if you were here today and did that yourself, here’s what you’d see.

Table 1:

Adrian Madriz Espinoza with Extra Deck Monarchs


Guillermo Villicana Santillan with Extra Deck Monarchs

Table 2:

Hector Ivan Rodriguez Simental with Domain Monarchs


Cesar Eduardo Medina Garcia with Kozmos

Table 3:

Jose Andres Aranda Barboza with Kozmos


Adrian Esteban Magana Loredo with Domain Monarchs

Table 4:

Jose Felix Maldonado Garrido with Burning Abyss


Mario Andres Enriquez Garcia with Extra Deck Monarchs

Table 5:

Luis Alfredo Sierra Villa with Performapals


Jorge Augustin Rodriguez Juarez with Kozmos

Table 6:

Carlos Joel Alvarez Ramirez with Burning Knights


Jonhathan Sebastian Vazquez Herrera with Extra Deck Monarchs

Table 7:

Giovanni Salvador Castillo Martinez with Performapals


Martin Alejandro Gonzalez Moreno with Qliphorts

Table 8:

Luis Enrique Vazquez Ordaz with Extra Deck Monarchs


Luis Raul Vega Guridi with PSY-Frames

Table 9:

Miguel Adolfo Torrez Daura with Burning Knights


Edgar Gustavo Tinoco Serrano with Kozmos

Table 10:

Alex Gildardo Leon Morales with Kozmos


Juan Uriel Ortiz Martinez with Performapals


That brings the finally tally to the following…

Extra Deck Monarchs: 5       

Kozmos: 5                 

Performapals: 3        

Domain Monarchs: 2                       

Burning Knights: 2              

Qliphorts: 1   

PSY-Frames: 1

Burning Abyss: 1

This roughly falls into line with the metagame breakdown we looked at earlier, with Monarchs the most represented Deck in the tournament, followed by Kozmos and then Performapals.  Burning Abyss and Phantom Knight variants continue to do solidly so far, with Qliphorts being an unsurprising rogue entry.

The big surprise is PSY-Frames, which have Top 8’d several Regional Qualifiers over the past couple of months but have yet to have a bigger breakout showing.  If Luis Raul Vega Guridi can keep up his X-1 record, we’ll definitely drop in on him for a Feature Match some time soon.