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Round 8 Feature Match: Adrian Madriz Espinoza Versus Rishi Nishant Doodhnath Tripathi

June 12th, 2016

Rishi Nishant Doodhnath Tripathi is the National Champion of Trinidad & Tobago, and is currently undefeated in this tournament.  But his opponent is the reason we pulled this table for the final Feature Match of the day.  Adrian Madriz Espinoza is from right here in Guadalajara, and is undefeated with Tzolkin Monarchs.  We’ve heard a lot about the Deck lately, but have yet to see it in a Feature Match outside of Europe.

Let’s see if Espinoza can overcome a National Champion to finish out his Day 1.  Espinoza won the roll and opted to go second.

Tripathi opened with a single Set card to his backrow.

Espinoza had two Edea the Heavenly Squire; Pantheism of the Monarchs; The Prime Monarch; and two Return of the Monarchs.  He activated Pantheism to discard The Prime Monarch, drawing another along with Maxx “C”.  He then banished Pantheism to select another Pantheism and two copies of Tenacity of the Monarchs from his Deck: Tripathi gave him one of the Tenacities and the rest were shuffled away.  He Set Return to end.

Tripathi flipped Twin Twisters and pitched The Monarchs Stormforth to destroy his opponent’s Return.  He activated Brilliant Fusion and Espinoza Chained Maxx “C”, drawing a Stormforth of his own.  Tripathi Special Summoned Gem-Knight Seraphinite, sending Gem-Knight Lazuli and Majesty’s Fiend to his Graveyard – not a common move.  He activated Return, Tributed Seraphinite for Jack’s Knight, and searched his Deck for Ehther the Heavenly Monarch.  From there he Tributed the Jack’s Knight for Ehther, used its effect to send Pantheism and The Prime Monarch to the Graveyard, and Special Summoned another Ehther.  Espinoza drew Quickdraw Synchron.


Tripathi banished Pantheism to give Espinoza a choice of Domain of the True Monarchs, Domain of the True Monarchs, or another Pantheism.  Espinoza gave him Domain.  Tripathi attacked with both Ehthers to knock Espinoza down to 2400 LP.  He Set his last card to his backrow, then took back his Ehther.  Espinoza Special Summoned The Prime Monarch in his End Phase.

Espinoza drew Ehther the Heavenly Monarch and was now holding eight cards in hand.  He moved to his Main Phase 1, discarded Edea to Special Summon Quickdraw Synchron, and used Edea’s effect to take back his Pantheism.  He activated it to discard his second Prime Monarch, drawing Instant Fusion and Tenacity.  He overlaid both monsters for Artifact Durendal and Tripathi asked him to pause a moment, considering; he eventually passed any response.  Espinoza Set his second Return, Set Tenacity and Instant Fusion, then activated Tenacity revealing Ehther, giving Tripathi ample time to make a response if he felt so inclined.  He clearly wanted to bait out one of his opponent’s last moves.

The Tenacity fetched Frost Blast of the Monarchs and Espinoza Set a third card to his backrow, then banished Tenacity to Special Summon The Prime Monarch.  Tripathi responded with his Ehther from his hand on Chain Link 2, then The Monarchs Stormforth on Chain Link 3.  Espinoza responded with his Artifact Durendal’s shuffle effect as Chain Link 4, yarding his Prime Monarch.  Both players shuffled away their hands for new draws.


Espinoza drew Ehther the Heavenly Monarch; two Kuraz the Light Monarch; and The Monarchs Stormforth.  He Special Summoned his Prime Monarch and moved on, flipping Instant Fusion to Special Summon Panzer Dragon.  He overlaid it with The Prime Monarch for Number 61: Volcasaurus, detached The Prime Monarch to blow away his opponent’s Ehther, and Tripathi dropped to 5200 Life Points.  Espinoza was down to 1400 LP.

He attacked with Durendal, Tripathi banished The Monarchs Stormforth to Special Summon The Prime Monarch, and Espinoza destroyed it with an attack from Volcasaurus.  He Set Stormforth, ended, and Tripathi conceded moments later.


Tripathi opted to go second for the second Duel.  Espinoza had Mask of Restrict; The Prime Monarch; Breakthrough Skill; Kuraz the Light Monarch; and The Monarchs Stormforth.  He Set Breakthrough and Prime Monarch.

Tripathi pitched Return of the Monarchs for Pantheism of the Monarchs, drew two, and then gave Espinoza a choice of Tenacity of the Monarchs, Tenacity of the Monarchs, or… Tenacity of the Monarchs.  Guess which one he got.  He activated it by revealing Kuraz the Light Monarch, searched The Monarchs Stormforth, and pitched Erebus the Underworld Monarch to Special Summon a Quickdraw Synchron of his own!  Tripathi attacked for 700 Battle Damage and Tributed it in Main Phase 2, with no effect.  He Set one card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Espinoza drew Super Quantum Red Layer.  He Set Mask of Restrict, and Tripathi Tributed his Kuraz for Ehther the Heavenly Monarch; Espinoza blocked its effect with Breakthrough Skill, and he Special Summoned Red Layer, looking to capitalize with The Monarchs Stormforth.  He activated it, and Tripathi Chained his own Stormforth in response!  Espinoza Tributed his Ehther for Kuraz, and Tripathi wanted to chain his own Ehther’s effect!  Espinoza had to choose his targets for Kuraz first, and he wound up selecting his Red Layer and The Prime Monarch.  Tripathi Summoned his Ehther, Espinoza drew Return of the Monarchs and another Prime Monarch, and Tripathi yarded Pantheism of the Monarchs and The Prime Monarch to bring out Kuraz from his Deck with Ehther.  He destroyed the Kuraz to draw, and Espinoza Set his Return.

Tripathi drew for his turn and Espinoza flipped Mask of Restrict.  Tripathi banished Pantheism to get Frost Blast of the Monarchs from his Deck, and he activated it to destroy Espinoza’s Return.  He made a direct attack with Ehther, then Special Summoned his Prime Monarch in the End Phase.  Espinoza followed suit, Special Summoning his own.

He drew Tenacity of the Monarchs, holding another copy of The Prime Monarch.  He controlled Mask of Restrict and another Prime Monarch in monster mode, and passed.

Tripathi activated Tuning, searching his Deck for another Quickdraw!  He sent Brilliant Fusion to his Graveyard to complete Tuning’s effect, then discarded Maxx “C” to Special Summon Quickdraw and make Ultimaya Tzolkin with The Prime Monarch!  He Set a card, Special Summoned Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn with Tzolkin’s ability, and Espinoza scooped.


The tables turn, as it’s revealed that we’re actually watching a Tzolkin Monarch mirror match!  The Match stood at 1-1, with each Duelist one win away from an undefeated showing in Day 1 of the WCQ.

Tripathi pitched Frost Blast of the Monarchs with Pantheism of the Monarchs to draw two cards, then banished it to get The Prime Monarch.  He revealed Erebus the Underworld Monarch for Tenacity of the Monarchs next, searching another Pantheism.  He activated it to pitch The Prime Monarch, Special Summoned Super Quantum Red Layer, and Special Summoned his Prime Monarch.  He activated Return of the Monarchs, Tribute Summoned Erebus the Underworld Monarch, and searched Ehther the Heavenly Monarch with Return.  He sent another Prime Monarch and another Tenacity to his Graveyard to shuffle away a card from Espinoza’s hand, then Set one card to end.

Espinoza had Super Quantum Red Layer; Pantheism of the Monarchs; two The Monarchs Stormforth; Ehther the Heavenly Monarch; and Tenacity of the Monarchs.  He activated Tenacity to reveal Ehther, getting The Prime Monarch, and pitched it for Pantheism. He drew another Tenacity and Quickdraw Synchron, then banished Tenacity to present two Return of the Monarchs and another Pantheism.  Tripathi gave him the Pantheism.  He used it, ditching Tenacity to draw Twin Twisters and Maxx “C”.  He activated The Monarchs Stormforth and Tripathi responded with Ehther the Heavenly Monarch’s effect.  He Summoned it, activated its ability, and Espinoza dropped Maxx “C” on it.  Tripathi kicked Domain and Return to his Graveyard, Special Summoned Kuraz, and Espinoza got a draw.

Tripathi targeted his Return and his Ehther with Kuraz’s effect, and Espinoza Chained Twin Twisters discarding Quickdraw to destroy his opponent’s Return and his own Set Twin Twisters as well.  Espinoza banished to Special Summon The Prime Monarch, then Tributed for Ehther the Heavenly Monarch… right into Tripathi’s Effect Veiler!  He made a direct attack and Set The Monarchs Stormforth.  Tripathi Special Summoned The Prime Monarch and Espinoza got one last draw.

The Duel moved into time.  Tripathi drew for his turn and banished for his other Prime Monarch, and Espinoza chained his Set Stormforth.  Tripathi went for Quickdraw Synchron with Tuning!  He sent Raigeki to his Graveyard to resolve Tuning’s effect, and with three cards in hand he banished Pantheism to get Stormforth.  He discarded Ehther to Special Summon Quickdraw, then spent a moment with his Extra Deck to plan his next move.

He decided to use one Prime Monarch and Quickdraw to make Ultimaya Tzolkin, forcing out Espinoza’s Ehther the Heavenly Monarch. That got him a Kuraz, which he popped for a free draw. Tripathi pitched his Prime Monarch to get back his Ehther.

Turn 2 in time.  Espinoza drew for his turn and Tripathi Special Summoned another Prime Monarch in Espinoza’s Standby.  Espinoza moved to Main Phase 1, Tributed one of his two Ehthers for Erebus, and Tripathi Chained The Monarchs Stormforth.  Espinoza sent Domain and Return to his Graveyard for Erebus, and shuffled away Tripathi’s last in-hand card.  Espinoza had two cards in hand, and controlled Erebus and Ehther.  “What could you topdeck,” he mused.  He banished Pantheism to present Tenacity, Pantheism, and The Prime Monarch, and Tripathi gave him Prime Monarch.  Espinoza attacked both of Tripathi’s Primes and Set two cards to his back row, then revived his own Prime Monarch.

This was Turn 3 in time.  Tripathi ripped Super Quantum Red Layer and Special Summoned it, getting another back to his hand.  He banished for The Prime Monarch, Special Summoned it, and overlaid for Number 61: Volcasaurus.  He detached The Prime Monarch to destroy Erebus, dropping Espinoza to 5200 LP.  It was 5200 all with both Duelists tied.  He attacked The Prime Monarch with Volcasaurus, destroying it, and overlaid in Main Phase 2 for Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger.  In the End Phase, Espinoza revived his Prime Monarch.

Turn 4 in time.  Espinoza Special Summoned a second Prime Monarch, overlaid both for his own Number 61: Volcasaurus, and blew away Tripathi’s Gaia Dragon.  With his last bastion of hope gone, Tripathi offerd the handshake.


Rishi Nishant Doodhnath Tripathi and Adrian Madriz Espinoza duke it out in a grueling Tzolkin Monarch mirror match, and Espinoza narrowly takes the win in Game 3, in End of Match procedures!  Espinoza moves on to Day 2 with an undefeated record, eight straight wins.