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SA WCQ: Check Out The Prizes!

June 19th, 2016

While the focus of the WCQ weekend rests on the South American title and the chance to win your way to the World Championship in Orlando, a ton of other awesome prizes are at stake this weekend.  First up, check out the trophies awarded to the Top 8 in the World Championship Qualifier, and the Top 4 in the Dragon Duel WCQ.


Custom blown in leaded crystal, each Championship Trophy is color-coded and sized to honor the achievement of its new owner: Top 8 finishers score a yellow trophy; Top 4 get green; the blue trophies are for the Runner-Up finishers in the dual main event Finals; and the giant red trophies goes to the winners – the new South American Champion and the South American Dragon Duel Champion.

There are four exclusive Game Mats awarded to competitors in the South American WCQ and the South American Dragon Duel WCQ.  The first is the participation mat, featuring the Phantom Knights.  Peep at the exclusive 2016 WCQ card sleeves, too.


The participation mat comes in two different versions: the WCQ printing and the Dragon Duel printing.  They’re the same characters and the same design, but they have different text – a subtle difference for some, but a big difference for collectors of rare mats.

Speaking of, the rarest game mats of the weekend are awarded only to Top Cut finishers – the Top 64 in the WCQ, and the Top 4 in the Dragon Duel.  The Top Cut mat’s been really popular this season, adorned with the Dracoslayers and Dracoverlords.


Dracos and Phantom Knights are two of the signature competitive themes of this format, so it’s a really strong crop of mats this year.  Plus the design work’s just killer – they look awesome.

What else is up for grabs?  Everybody who makes the Top 16 gets a Super Rare copy of Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn – the super-scarce Championship prize card.  Not only is Minerva extremely rare, but it’s actually seen play in several Top Cut Decks this past year, and some of them were strategies that literally can’t exist without it.

Top 16 finishers also score 24 packs of the latest sets, while Top 8 nab a complete set of Breakers of Shadow and Shining Victories.  Top 4 finishers get those two sets as well as Dimension of Chaos and Clash of Rebellions.  First and Second Place get packs too, but they also score a 64GB iPad and a 16GB iPad Air respectively.

And of course, the Champion of the weekend gets those prizes and travel and accommodations to sunny Orlando Florida, where they’ll compete in the 2016 Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME World Championship.  And all mats, cards and iPads aside, the honor of Dueling for the title of World Champion is unparalleled.

Keep checking back, because in a few hours we’ll know who’s heading to Orlando, and we’ll learn the identity of our new South American Champion!