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SA WCQ: Dragon Duel Round 4: 2014 South American Dragon Duel Champion Joaquin Fernando Leites Versus Pedro Ernesto Barbosa Silveira

June 18th, 2016

As the South American WCQ heads into Round 3, the final Round of Day 1 in the South American Dragon Duel Championship is about to begin.  We’ve already featured two returning Champions in the WCQ so far, but over in the Dragon Duel there’s another former Champ back in action, looking for another title.  2014 South American Dragon Duel Champion, Joaquin Fernando Leites from Argentina, is taking a regular Kozmo build against Brazil’s Pedro Ernesto Barbosa Silveira’s Fire King Kozmos at Table 2, with the winner making it straight into the Top 4 tomorrow.

Barbosa opened the Match with a huge Fire King Island combo that burned through Terraforming, Emergency Teleport, Kozmo Soartroopers, and Kozmotown, banishing Kozmo Dark Destroyer, Kozmo Farmgirl, and Kozmo Forerunner along the way.  He finished his turn with a field of Kozmoll Dark Lady, Super Quantal Mech Beast Grampulse, and Cyber Dragon Infinity, plus two cards in hand.  With two types of negation plus backrow hate, Barbosa was really putting the pressure on the returning Champion.

Leites had Oasis of Dragon Souls; Kozmotown; Emergency Teleport; Kozmo Sliprider; Kozmo Forerunner; and Kozmo Farmgirl.  He Summoned Farmgirl, activated her effect, and Barbosa negated it with Kozmoll Dark Lady’s ability, destroying Farmgirl.  Leites activated Teleport next and Barbosa negated it with Cyber Dragon Infinity.   Leites activated Kozmotown and shuffled back his remaining two Kozmos… to draw Kozmojo and Raigeki!  He activated Raigeki to clear the field entirely.  He Set Oasis and Kozmojo, suddenly back in the game.

Barbosa Summoned Kozmo Tincan, and when he tried to move to the End Phase, Barbosa revived his Kozmo Farmgirl with Oasis to destroy her for Kozmojo, banishing the Tincan.

Leites drew and Summoned Kozmo Tincan, presenting Kozmo Forerunner, Kozmo Dark Destroyer, and Kozmo Sliprider in his End Phase.  He got Sliprider.

Barbosa Set a monster, then Set a card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.  That let Leites get another card with Kozmo Tincan, presenting Dark Destroyer, Sliprider, and Kozmo Landwalker; he got Dark Destroyer.  That Tincan was putting in major work.  Still in the End Phase, Leites banished the Tincan for Sliprider destroying his opponent’s Kozmojo before it could be Chained.

Leites drew Terraforming and retrieved his Tincan with Kozmotown.  He Summoned it, banished it to Special Summon Kozmo Dark Destroyer, and blew away Barbosa’s Set Fire King Avatar Garunix!  Seeing what was coming, Barbosa immediately conceded, eager to get to Game 2.


Pedro Ernesto Barbosa Silveira makes a tremendous Turn 1 field fueled by Fire King Island, but Joaquin Fernando Leites makes a desperate bid with Kozmotown that pays off!  Raigeki evens the playing field and gets Leites back into the game, giving him a smooth grind to the first win of the Match.

Barbosa opened with Kozmo Tincan and two Set cards, presenting Leites with Kozmo Dark Destroyer, Kozmoll Dark Lady, and Kozmo Sliprider from his Deck.  He got Sliprider.

This time Leites had a hand of Maxx “C”; Kozmo Soartroopers; Kozmo Sliprider; Kozmo Tincan; Kozmo Forerunner; and Magic Deflector.  In his Standby Phase, Barbosa revived Kozmoll Dark Lady with Call of the Haunted, but fed Leites a card as Leites Chained Maxx “C”.  It got him Oasis of Dragon Souls.  He Summoned Kozmo Soartroopers and attacked Tincan, forcing Barbosa give him another draw by banishing Tincan to Special Summon Kozmo Delta Shuttle.  He didn’t replay the attack, but did Set Deflector and Oasis.

Barbosa activated Kozmo Delta Shuttle’s effect with the intent of sending Kozmo Strawman to his Graveyard.  But Leites Chained Kozmo Soartroopers’ effect, prompting Barbosa to negate it.  Strawman hit the Graveyard, and Barbosa attacked with Kozmo Delta Shuttle; Leites took the Battle Damage, first from Delta Shuttle and then from Dark Lady.

Barbosa banished Dark Lady next, Special Summoning Kozmo Dark Destroyer to destroy Kozmo Delta Shuttle, banishing it and Special Summoning Kozmo Farmgirl.  He attacked with Kozmo Dark Destroyer, then attacked with Farmgirl, and Leites revived his Kozmo Soartroopers to block the attack.  Barbosa attacked Soartroopers with Farmgirl, destroying them, and then revealed Kozmojo!  Seeing that Barbosa would destroy his Kozmo Dark Destroyer to Special Summon another attacker, Leites conceded.


The Match moves to a third Duel!  Leites had made an epic comeback in the first Duel, but Barbosa’s win in the second evened up the score.  Game 3 would determine which of these competitors would become a lock for the Top 4.

Leites opened with two Kozmo Sliprider; Kozmo Farmgirl; Cyber Dragon; and Magic Deflector.  He Summoned Farmgirl and Set Deflector.

Barbosa activated Allure of Darkness and drew two cards, banishing Kozmo Dark Destroyer to finish out Allure’s effect.  He activated Kozmotown, but lost its effect when Leites activated Magic Deflector.  Barbosa Summoned Kozmo Strawman and paid to bring back his banished Kozmo Dark Destroyer.  He attacked Farmgirl with it, drawing out Leites’ Kozmo Sliprider, and attacked that next.  Leites banished it to Special Summon Kozmo Tincan in defense mode, and Barbosa attacked that with Strawman.  Leites banished it in response to Special Summon his second Sliprider – the unlucky draw of double Slipriders was really hurting his chances.  Barbosa banished Strawman to Special Summon another Kozmo Dark Destroyer, destroyed his first Dark Destroyer with the effect of the second, and Special Summoned Kozmoll Dark Lady from his Deck.

Kozmo Dark Destroyer ran over Leites’ second Sliprider, and when he banished it for its effect, Barbosa negated the attempt with Kozmoll Dark Lady.  That left him free to make a direct attack with it.

Leites drew Kozmo Soartroopers, holding Cyber Dragon.  He Special Summoned it, contact fusing it with Kozmo Dark Destroyer to Summon Chimeratech Fortress Dragon!  It wasn’t big enough to attack Kozmoll Dark Lady at 2000 ATK, so Leites ended.

Barbosa got back his Dark Destroyer with Kozmotown, then Normal Summoned Cyber Dragon Core!  Again and again, Barbosa was just one step ahead of Leites in this Duel.  Barbosa made a Chimeratech Fortress Dragon of his own, revealed his hand, and Leites immediately offered him a friendly handshake!


Pedro Ernesto Barbosa Silveira bests 2014 South American Dragon Duel Champion Joaquin Fernando Leites, to clinch his place in the Top 4 tomorrow!  But Leites may make it to the Top 4 as well if tiebreakers are kind, so this may not be the last time these two Dragon Duelists face off.  We’ll check back when Dragon Dueling resumes tomorrow afternoon.