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SA WCQ QQ: Which Country Will Win The WCQ?

June 19th, 2016

QQ Stands for Quick Questions!

As the field narrows and competitors become spectators over the course of the weekend, the WCQ tournament becomes less a matter of personal aspiration, and more a matter of National pride.  We hit the tournament floor to ask Duelists from all over the continent: What country do YOU think will win the World Championship Qualifier, and the title of South American Champion?

“Chile” -Federico Valledor, Argentina

“Peru” -Marco Oviedo, Ecuador

“Argentina” -Ezequiel Jeites, Argentina

“Argentina” -Walter Duartes, Argentina

“Colombia” -Gustavo Camareo, Colombia

“Argentina” -Julian Astolto, Argentina

“Colombia” -Andres Guacilo, Ecuador

“Argentina” -Joaquin Rinaldi, Argentina

“Colombia” -Santiago Ramos, Colombia

“Argentina” -Matias Lopez, Argentina

Unsurprisingly, 70% of our respondents chose their home country as their prediction for the winning nation.  What important conclusions can we draw from our short survey?  Colombians are tremendously confident, possibly bolstered by the numbers on their side; and people from Ecuador have more faith in their neighboring countries.  Sorry, Ecuador.