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SA WCQ: The Top 64 Metagame Breakdown

June 19th, 2016

The Top 64 field here at the South American WCQ is pretty different from what we saw last week at the Central American WCQ.  Sure enough, Burning Abyss Phantom Knights stole the show, with nearly as much Top Cut representation as Kozmos and Monarchs combined.  Check it out!

Burning Abyss Phantom Knights: 24

Monarchs: 14

Tzolkin Monarchs: 6

Domain Monarchs: 5

Extra Deck Monarchs: 2

Artifact Monarchs: 1

Kozmos: 12

Regular Kozmos: 5

Fire King Kozmos: 4

Demise Kozmos: 3

Majespecter Pendulum Variants: 7

Dracoslayer Performapals: 4

Mermails: 1

Qliphorts: 1

Anti-Meta: 1

There are some interesting points to observe here.  Tzolkin Monarchs have narrowly edged out Domain Monarchs as the most popular build, and most Extra Deck Monarch players have made the leap to Ultimaya Tzolkin.  The Artifact Monarch Deck’s an interesting surprise, too.

Meanwhile in Kozmotown, Demise Kozmos is seeing play but remains the least popular of the three big variants: good old “Regular Kozmos” continues to outpace the more control-oriented versions with Fire King Island and Card of Demise.  

From there, we’re seeing more mixed Pendulum Decks running Majespecters – largely Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin and Majespecter Raccoon – Bunbuku to search it – than traditional “Draco Pal” builds.  The Pendulum Decks are all over the place, with Odd-Eyes monsters and Pendulum Magicians seeing frequent play alongside Dracoslayers and Performapals.

And finally, Mermails, Qliphorts, and Anti-Meta rogue Duelists all made the Top Cut, so we may see some upsets here today!  Check out our Top 64 Feature Match for a look at the Mermail Deck in action, and stick with us for the rest of Day 2!