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SA WCQ: Top 8 Feature Match: Mateo Germanico Arboleda Zamora Versus Johnny Steven Quintana Aguilar

June 19th, 2016

Here in the Top 8, two Duelists from Ecuador were about to tear each other apart with two vastly different Decks!  Mateo Germanico Arboleda Zamora is running Kozmos with Card of Demise, while Johnny Steven Quintana Aguilar is playing Majespecter Magicians.  This one should be really interesting to watch.

Quintana got us started with Majespecter Raccoon – Bunbuku, searching Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin.  He activated Igknight Reload, shuffling back another Bunbuku and Performapal Odd-Eyes Unicorn into his Deck to draw three cards.  He activated Performapal Monkeyboard, then Sky Iris, and used Monkeyboard’s effect to search Performapal Odd-Eyes Unicorn.  Quintana destroyed Monkeyboard with Sky Iris to get Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, then drew a card with Upstart Goblin.  He followed up by activating Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Performapal Odd-Eyes Unicorn as Pendulum Spells, then Pendulum Summoned his Monkeyboard and Kirin. He destroyed his Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon in the End Phase to replace it with Wisdom-Eye Magician. He ended with five cards on the field and three in hand.

Arboleda had Kozmo Strawman; Kozmo Forerunner; Vanity’s Emptiness; two copies of Kozmotown; and Kozmo Landwalker.  He Summoned Strawman and activated Kozmotown, shuffling away Forerunner to draw Card of Demise!  He banished Strawman to Special Summon Landwalker from his hand, and Quintana bounced away Landwalker and Monkeyboard with Kirin’s effect.  Arboleda activated his second Kozmotown, got back his Strawman, and shuffled away Strawman and Landwalker to draw Oasis of Dragon Souls and Kozmoll Dark Lady.  He Set Vanity’s Emptiness.

Quintana activated Archfiend Eccentrick, activating its effect to destroy it and Arboleda’s Vanity’s Emptiness.  He activated Performapal Monkeyboard to search Performapal Skullcrobat Joker, Normal Summoned it, and searched Xiangke Magician.  He blew away his Majespecter Raccoon – Bunbuku with Sky Iris to get another Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, and Pendulum Summoned two copies of Pendulum Dragon plus Xiangke Magician for game!


Arboleda went straight for his Side Deck, hurriedly rifling through cards as Quintana methodically counted cards out of his Side and Main Deck.  Quintana’s demeanor was extremely cool, now just one win away from the Top 4.  Arboleda would go first.

He opened with Emergency Teleport; Kozmo Forerunner; Anti-Spell Fragrance; Kozmoll Dark Lady; and Oasis of Dragon Souls.  He Set the Trap Cards, and in his End Phase he Teleported for Kozmo Tincan.  He activated its effect to present Kozmo Dark Destroyer, Kozmo Landwalker, and Kozmo Sliprider, and got Sliprider.  He banished Tincan to Special Summon Forerunner.  

Play was to Quintana, and Arboleda flipped Anti-Spell Fragrance.  Quintain Chained Igknight Reload and shuffled back his Xiangke Magician, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, and Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin, drawing four cards total.  He Set three cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone, Set a monster, and ended.  Arboleda flipped Oasis of Dragon Souls in the End Phase to Special Summon Kozmo Dark Destroyer, and Quintana drew a card with Maxx “C”.  Arboleda destroyed the Set Archfiend Eccentrick with Dark Destroyer’s effect.

Arboleda drew Card of Demise.  He made a direct attack with Forerunner, then another with Dark Destroyer to drop Quintana to 2200 Life Points.  He Set Card of Demise.

Quintana’s Set spells were now unlocked.  He flipped Terraforming first to search Sky Iris.  Pendulum Call flipped next, discarding Sky Iris to get Dragonpit Magician and Wisdom-Eye Magician from Quintana’s Deck.  He Set two more cards to his backrow, and Set another monster.  

Arboleda drew Solemn Strike.  He attacked Quintana’s face-down with Forerunner – Wisdom-Eye Magician – and went for game with Kozmo Dark Destroyer; Quintana wanted to pitch his Dragonpit Magician for Twin Twisters to destroy Oasis and Fragrance, but he’d Set Twisters last turn and it was still locked face-down.  Realizing that was enough for Quintana to concede the second Duel.


Quintana started the third and final Duel with Terraforming to grab Sky Iris.  Summoner’s Art got him Dragonpit Magician, and he activated Sky Iris, played Archfiend Eccentrick, and destroyed Eccentrick with Sky Iris to fetch Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.  He activated Pendulum Dragon and Dragonpit as Pendulum Scales, then Pendulum Summoned the dynamic duo of Mist Valley Apex Avian and Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin!  In the End Phase he destroyed his Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon to search Performapal Monkeyboard.

Arboleda had two Kozmo Slipriders; two Solemn Strikes; Kozmojo; and Kozmo Farmgirl.  He Set all the Traps and Summoned Kozmo Farmgirl, ended, and in the End Phase Quintana bumped away Farmgirl and Kirin with Kirin’s effect.  

Quintana activated Performapal Monkeyboard to search his Deck for Performapal Skullcrobat Joker, and when he tried to Normal Summon it for its effect, Arboleda countered with Solemn Strike.  Quintana tried to Pendulum Summon Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin, but Arboleda activated the second Solemn Strike to shut it down.  Quintana destroyed his Performapal Monkeyboard with Sky Iris to get another Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, activated it as a Pendulum Spell, and made a direct attack with Mist Valley Apex Avian.  He destroyed Pendulum Dragon in the End Phase to search Wisdom-Eye Magician.

Arboleda drew Kozmo Tincan.  He Summoned it, moved to the End Phase, and used its effect to present Quintana with Kozmo Dark Destroyer, Kozmo Forerunner, and Kozmo Landwalker.  He got the Landwalker.

Quintana activated Wisdom-Eye Magician as a Pendulum Spell and when Arboleda tried to banish his Tincan, Quintana negated its effect with Mist Valley Apex Avian.  That drew the concession from Arboleda, who gave Quintana his congratulations, a handshake, and a ticket to the Top 4!  


Johnny Steven Quintana Aguilar moves on to the Semi-Finals, victorious with Majespecter Magicians!