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SA WCQ: Welcome To Day 2!

June 19th, 2016

After nine rounds of Swiss-Style competition yesterday, the 292 Duelists that traveled to Bogota this weekend to take their shot at the South American Championship have dwindled down to a final Top 64.  The field’s wide open, and while Burning Abyss Phantom Knights leads the pack with 24 seats in the playoff rounds, tons of Kozmo, Monarch, and Pendulum variants are in the race as well, along with Qliphorts, Mermails, and Anti-Meta Decks.

We’re about to bring you a Top 64 Feature Match with Mermails as well as the complete Top 64 Metagame Breakdown, but for now, here’s a look at the Duelists that will be competing in the South American WCQ today.  Look carefully, because after six more rounds of intense action one of these Duelists will be your new South American Champion.  One of these competitors is destined to win the WCQ and clinch their seat at the World Championship in August.


We’ll also see the Top 4 of the South American Dragon Duel Championship today, awarding one skillful youth Duelist a seat in the Dragon Duel Championship at the  World Championship, and the title of South American Dragon Duel Champion!

Will it be yesterday’s Dragon Duel Feature Match victor, Pedro Ernesto Barbosa Silveira?  Barbosa’s the Brazilian Dragon Duel Champion and put forth a stellar performance in yesterday’s Feature, but he’ll be up against Champions from Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru!  The Dragon Duel WCQ has literally become a tournament of Champions, and it’s anybody’s game from here.

Day 2 is about to kick off, so get ready to see the best of the best from South America’s greatest Duelists.  Welcome back to Bogota, and welcome to the final rounds of the 2016 South American WCQ!