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TCS Origins – QQ: Who Would You Give a Structure Deck?

June 19th, 2016

QQ stands for Quick Questions! If you could give any Duelist from the Yu-Gi-Oh! TV shows their own Structure Deck, who would you pick? No repeating a character that already got one!

“Akiza – Plants” – Justin Singh, 19

“Aster Phoenix” – Tyler Tripoli, 15

“Rare Hunters” – Jason Goodman, 20

“Akiza Plants Boi” – Killian Combs, 24

“Mokuba” – Robert Ludwig, 23

“Shark from Zexal” – Grant Wilhelm, 12

“Rex Raptor” Jonathan Moore, 26

“Axel Brodie” Earl Boone, 35

“Paradox Brothers! Gate Guardian!” Michael Klasel, 26

“Yugi’s Grandpa” – Daniel Barnes, 19

“Mai Valentine” – Jerry Barnett, 25

“Odion. Remember that guy? The Marik impersonator.” – Brian Koster, 35

“Yugi’s Grandpa” – Andrew Tropp, 18

“Yugi’s Grandpa” – Gerrett Rusell, 23

“Aster Phoenix” – Andrew Fredella, 26

“Mai Valentine” – Anthony S., 27

The most popular answer was Yugi’s Grandpa, Solomon Muto! He was followed closely by Aster Phoenix and Mai Valentine. Would a Grandpa Muto Structure Deck come with a ripped up Blue-Eyes White Dragon?!