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The Top 32 Metagame Breakdown

June 12th, 2016

We took a break from Feature Matches to have a look at who’s playing what in the Top 32.  With just five rounds of competition remaining in the tournament, here are the Decks and the players that are still in the hunt for the title of Central American Champion, and an invite to the World Championship in August.

Table 1:

Alan Gilberto Lopez Guerra with Performapals


Alan Garcia Alvarez with Monster Mash (Kaiju, Burning Abyss, Speedroids, Gallis the Star Beast)

Table 2:

Angel Zayren Flores Covarrubias with Demise Kozmos


Raul Huerta Salazar with Performapals

Table 3:

Gustavo Adolfo Gonazalez Gonzalez with Kozmos


Alonso Valente Lierenas with Yosenju

Table 4:

Gerald Yagans South Chaves with Burning Knights (Costa Rica Champion)


Alejandro Garcia Moreno with Fire King Kozmos

Table 5:

Ricardo Ruiz Mendoza with Fire King Kozmos


Rishi Nishant Doodhnath Tripathi with Brilliant Monarchs (Trinidad & Tobago Champion)

Table 6:

Roberto Angel Alegria Martinez with Brilliant Monarchs


Victor Abraham Alanis Carlos with Kozmos

Table 7:

Erick Villanueva Priego with Burning Knights


Jesus Isimar Serafin Fabian with Performapals

Table 8:

Luis Angel Valle Serratos with Domain Monarchs


Alan Gerardo Quintero Garcia with Performapals

Table 9:

Luis Enrique Vazquez Ordaz with Brilliant Monarchs


Alan Daniel Santacruz Guzman with Burning Knights (YCS Monterrey Champion)

Table 10:

Juan Israel Galvez Vallejo with Burning Knights


Bryan Salvador Mar Berumen with Extra Deck Monarchs

Table 11:

Brandon Ossiel Aguilar Gonzalez with Brilliant Monarchs


Alex Gildardo Garcia Sanchez with Kozmos

Table 12:

Irving Camiruaga Gil with Performapals


Alexis Eduardo Garcia Sanchez with Kaiju Burning Knights

Table 13:

Eduardo Schommer Torres with Qliphorts


Angel Ibarra Barcenas with Burning Knights

Table 14:

Martin Alejandro Gonzalez Moreno with Qliphorts


Jose Felix Maldonado Garrido with Burning Abyss

Table 15:

Giovanni Salvador Castillo Martinez with Majespecter Dracoslayer Performapals


Julio Cesar Salinas Damian with Brilliant Monarchs

Table 16:

Adrian Madriz Espinoza with Extra Deck Monarchs


Guillermo Villicana Santillan with Extra Deck Monarchs

The big surprise here is a Deck that’s somehow alluded attention all weekend long: Alan Garcia Alvarez’s Monster Mash Deck, featuring Kaiju, Burning Abyss, Speedroids, Gallis the Star Beast and a whole lot more!  It’s a 44-card Deck with 39 monsters and 5 spells, and since he just won his Top 32 Match against Alan Gilberto Lopez Guerra.  We’re gonna see the Deck up close and in action next Round, in our Top 16 Feature Match!

Stick with us, because that is coming up next, from right here in Guadalajara, at the 2016 Central American World Champonship Qualifier!