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Welcome to the 2016 South American World Championship Qualifier!

June 18th, 2016


Countless stories emerged from the Central American World Championship Qualifier seven days ago in Guadalajara, but the story of the weekend was a clash between two of the greatest Decks in the game today: Kozmos versus Monarchs.

Last week’s WCQ crowned two new Champions, sending two Duelists to the World Championship in Orlando, Florida in August: Ronaldo Isai Sierra Cabello played Domain Monarchs, defeating Daniel Isai Coronel Contreras’ Kozmos to capture the Dragon Duel Championship.  And Brandon Ossiel Aguilar Gonzalez piloted Extra Deck Monarchs with Brilliant Fusion, to defeat Ricardo Ruiz Mendoza’s Fire King Kozmos, capturing the Central American title.

Monarchs triumphed.  Kozmos lost.  But the fight is far from over.

While regular Kozmos and Fire King Kozmos were the most-played versions of that strategy last weekend, a new variant with Card of Demise has been gaining foothold in tournaments.  And while Monarch Duelists were split between traditional Extra Deck and Domain strategies, builds centered on Ultimaya Tzolkin gained more traction at the WCQ.  Duelists on both sides of the clash are racing to innovate, and that could make this tournament very different from last weekend’s.

291 Duelists from 8 different countries are here to compete, all vying for the ultimate prize: the title of South American Champion, and the privilege of representing their country and South America as a whole at the 2016 Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME World Championship in August.  Meanwhile, for those Duelists born 2003 or later, there are 11 Dragon Duelists from 8 countries vying for a place in the Dragon Duel World Championship.  Trophies, prize cards, complete booster sets, and coveted exclusive game mats are all up for grabs, but at the end of the day everybody wants one thing above all else: title gold.

Kozmos and Monarchs may once again lead the field here in Day 1, but strategies like Draco Performapals, Burning Abyss, Phantom Knights, Qliphorts, and Yosenju are all expected to make an impact.  And it’s WCQ season!  There’s no time like the present to kick out something unexpected and steal wins with new strategies.  We’re definitely in for some surprises, and even with a litany of National, YCS, and UDS Champions in attendance it’s anybody’s game.  Anything could happen this weekend.

It’s time to Duel here in Bogota Colombia!  Welcome to the 2016 South American World Championship Qualifier!