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YCS Origins – Introducing the Yu-Gi-Oh! Generation Duel Public Event!

June 19th, 2016

A new Public Event is starting up here at YCS Origins, the Generation Duel! Entering this event lets you choose a generation of Yu-Gi-Oh! and build a Deck that embodies the spirit of an era of Dueling. If you win, you’ll get a unique game mat featuring the main characters from that period!

Each era has its own Forbidden & Limited List.

For the Classic Yu-Gi-Oh! era, you have access to all kinds of incredibly powerful cards that are normally Forbidden! In addition, you get to use most of those cards with their original text, rather than the recent text changes many of them received. That means you can use cards like Ring of Destruction, Dark Magician of Chaos, and Sinister Serpent with their full power!


The GX era is all about Fusion Summons, thanks to Jaden’s HERO monsters.

In the 5D’s era, Synchro Summons reign supreme! Even the mighty Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier can be played in this format!

Zexal introduced us to the Xyz Monsters, and they show their true power here!

And finally, the Arc-V era represents the current generation of Duelists, and uses the standard Advanced Format list.

The Generation Duel tournament is the ultimate way to pit the old against the new! For the full rules, including each era’s Forbidden & Limited List, click here.