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YCS Origins – Public Events Winners

June 20th, 2016

At each YCS, Public Event players are given the opportunity to win the current YCS prize card, Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn! Four players are selected at random, and play to see who wins it. Four more players are selected based on the points they accumulated playing in Public Events. For YCS Origins, we have a third prize card to give away, four Duelists were chosen at random, but only from those who had gotten a five day badge for the Origins Game Fair. Here are the public event winners!

Shunping Xu - Points Playoff

Shunping Xu won his Minerva in the points playoff!

Corey Shehl - Random Playoff Winner

Corey Shehl overcame three other random Duelists to take home his prize card!
Christian Urena - Badge Winner

Finally, Christian Urena had a five day Origins badge, and that’s letting him take home a Minerva!

Congratulations to all our Public Events prize card winners!