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YCS Origins – QQ: Classic Card Support

June 19th, 2016

QQ stands for Quick Questions! With the recent resurgence of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Decks thanks to Shining Victories, we asked out Duelists what other classic cards they’d like to see revitalized.


“Harpies” – Justin Brothers, 21

“HEROes” – Andrew Fredella, 26

“Red-Eyes Black Dragon Please!!” – Nicolai Howlett, 26 (Didn’t Red-Eyes just get a bunch of new cards in Clash of Rebellions?)

“JINZO!” – Gerrett Rusell, 23

“I would like to see a Deck around the Dark Scorpion Deck” – Andrew Tropp, 18

“Spirit of the Pharaoh” – Brian Koster, 35

“Gate Guardian” – Jerry Barnett, 25

“STRATOS!” – Daniel Barnes, 19

“Make Gate Guardian! playable.” – Michael Klasel, 26

“Dark Scorpion” – Earl Boone, 35

“Summoned Skull” – Jonathan Moore, 26

“Dark Magician” – Thang-Kenny Nguyen, 19 (Keep your eyes out for The Dark Illusion then…)

“Red / Green / Yellow Gadget” – Grant Wilhelm, 12

“Yata-Garasu” – Killian Combs, 24

“Jinzo” – Jason Goodman, 20

There were a ton of answers here, but the most requested was actually Gate Guardian! There were also many asking for new Harpie cards, HERO cards, Jinzos, Dark Scorpions. All really cool choices!