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YCS Origins – QQ: What’s in Your Side Deck?

June 19th, 2016

QQ stands for Quick Questions! What are Duelists trying to prepare for here at YCS Origins?

“Stopping Graveyard effects since they’re the most powerful in the game” – Anthony S., 27

“Monarchs, Burning Abyss, Kozmo, Performapal” – Justin Brothers, 21

“I’m playing floodgate cards so my opponents cannot play Yu-Gi-Oh” – Andrew Fredella, 26

“Mirror Match” Illegible Name, 23

“Monarch, Kozmo, and Burning Abyss” – Nicolai Howlett, 26

“Primarily Monarchs, Kozmo, and Burning Abyss” – Andrew Tropp, 18

“Secret Village of the Spellcasters” – Michael Klasel, 26

“Monarchs” Earl Boone, 35

“Ghost Reaper, siding 3 and full of targets” – Jason Goodman, 20

“Kozmos and Extra Deck Monarchs” – Robert Ludwig, 23