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Round 1 Feature Match: Scott DeVoe vs. Andrew Calascione

July 9th, 2016

Welcome to Round 1! To kick things off, we have Scott DeVoe, from upstate New York, playing a Blue-Eyes Deck featuring the new cards from the Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck! He’s facing Monarch Duelist Andrew Calascione, who is the head judge of his local tournament in Fargo, North Dakota.

Duel 1

DeVoe started things off, with a hand of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Mausoleum of White, Dragon Spirit of White, Sage with Eyes of Blue, and Dragon Knight of Creation. He played Mausoleum and Sage to start. Its effect put Maiden with Eyes of Blue in his hand. He used Mausoleum to also Summon Maiden. He had Mausoleum target Maiden, and Chained Maiden’s effect! DeVoe Special Summoned a Blue-Eyes White Dragon from his Deck, and sent another Blue-Eyes to the Graveyard. He tuned Maiden to Blue-Eyes, and Synchro Summoned Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon! He used its effect to Tribute itself, and played Black Rose Moonlight Dragon. He tuned Sage to Black Rose, for Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon!

Calascione Normal Summoned Eidos the Underworld Squire, and it was destroyed by Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon! Calascione had no other moves.

DeVoe drew another Dragon Spirit of White. He Normal Summoned Dragon Knight of Creation, and used its effect! He sent Dragon Spirit of White and Dragon Knight of Creation to the Graveyard, and had Dragon Knight of Creation revive it. He attacked directly with his Dragon Spirit and Crystal Wing.

Calascione played Tenacity of the Monarchs, revealing Erebus the Underworld Monarch, and put The Monarchs Stormforth in his hand, desperately needing to get rid of Crystal Wing. He played Stormforth and Domain of the True Monarchs. Domain reduced the level of his Erebus, and he Tributed Crystal Wing for it! Erebus’s effect activated, sending The Prime Monarch and Pantheism of the Monarchs to the Graveyard. DeVoe had to shuffle Dragon Spirit of White from his hand back into the Deck. Calascione used Pantheism in his Graveyard, revealing Tenacity, Escalation of the Monarchs, and Stormforth. DeVoe chose to give him Tenacity. Calascione moved to the Battle Phase, and Erebus destroyed Dragon Spirit of White.


DeVoe drew Trade-In! He played it, discarding Blue-Eyes White Dragon to draw Dragon Knight of Creation and The White Stone of Ancients. He played the Knight, and had it send The White Stone of Ancients to the Graveyard, and DeVoe revived Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon! It attacked Erebus, and Crystal Wing shot up to 5800 ATK, wiping out Calascione’s Life Points!

Duel 2

Calascione chose to play first, and started with two backrow cards.

DeVoe had a hand of Arkbrave Dragon, two Maiden with Eyes of Blue, Trade-In, Mausoleum of White, and Dragon Knight of Creation. He played Mausoleum, and Normal Summoned Maiden. He used Mausoleum on Maiden, Chained Maiden’s effect, and Calascione Chained Effect Veiler! Mausoleum still sent Blue-Eyes White Dragon to the Graveyard. With his spare Normal Summon, DeVoe played Dragon Knight of Creation. He used its effect, sending Arkbrave Dragon and itself to the Graveyard to revive Blue-Eyes. Maiden and Blue-Eyes attacked directly, leaving Calascione with 4200 Life Points. In Main Phase 2, DeVoe Synchro Summoned Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon, and Calascione paid 2000 Life Points for Chaos Trap Hole! DeVoe definitely made the right choice by attacking before attempting a Synchro Summon.


In Calascione’s Standby Phase, Arkbrave Dragon’s effect brought Blue-Eyes White Dragon back to the field! Calascione Normal Summoned Eidos the Underworld Squire, then used its effect to Tribute Summon Kuraz the Light Monarch. In a desperation maneuver, Calascione had Kuraz destroy itself and Set Twin Twisters, for two new cards. Unfortunately, those two new cards weren’t going to help him when he was facing down the mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon! With only 2200 Life Points, he conceded the Duel!

Scott DeVoe is the victor, with his Blue-Eyes Deck!