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Top 32 Deck Breakdown

July 10th, 2016

Here are the Top 32 Duelists, and the Decks they are using.


1st: Hervey Elfego Jaramillo (Performapal)
2nd: Admassu Williams-Ademe (Domain Monarch)
3rd: Thomas Isaiah Rowe (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight)
4th: Jesse Dean Kotton (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight)
5th: Adam Brian Hutchins (Domain Monarch)
6th: Roland Fang (Extra Deck Monarch)
7th: Michael Ryan Egna (Majespecter Magician)
8th: Benjamin Harrison Leverett (Extra Deck Monarch)
9th: Jarred Charles Randolph (Kozmo)
10th: Jiahao Liu (Performapal)
11th: Alexander August Robert Thomas Liddington (Odd-Eyes Magician)
12th: Michael John State (Kozmo)
13th: Zachary William Bishop-Stone (Burning Abyss Monarch)
14th: William Johan Burke IV (Majespecter Magician)
15th: Elvis Vu (Extra Deck Monarch)
16th: Steven John Tarnok (Performapal)
17th: Vincent Mathew Paglia Jr. (Domain Monarch)
18th: Jesse Jose Flores (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight)
19th: Nicholas Huynh (Domain Monarch)
20th: Matt Kolenda (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight)
21st: Travis Allen Smith (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight)
22nd: Francisco Shawnte Brown-Santos (Performapal)
23rd: Spencer William Hodum (Kozmo)
24th: Michael Joseph Tamez (Extra Deck Monarch)
25th: Jimmy Nguyen (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight)
26th: Michael Christopher Sanders (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight)
27th: George Edward North (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight)
28th: Tyler Christopher Pinnow (Fire King Kozmo)
29th: Chase Robert Cunningham (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight)
30th: Erik Godwin Christensen (Domain Monarch)
31st: Robert Kenny III (Odd-Eyes Magician)
32nd: Shay Michael Kelley (Extra Deck Monarch)

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