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Top Tables Update: Round 6

July 10th, 2016

Here are the Duelists sitting at the Top Ten Tables as we begin Round 6.


Table 1: Evan Matthew Melendez (Fire King Kozmos) vs Hervey Elfego Jaramillo (Odd-Eyes Magicians)

Table 2: Joey James Tyson Payne (Domain Monarchs) vs. James Thomas McGivney IV (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight)

Table 3: Chester Hawk Henson (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight) vs. Andre Jesus Brown (Odd-Eyes Magicians)

Table 4: Adam Zane Boblet (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight) vs. Thomas Andrew Morran (Burning Abyss Monarchs)

Table 5: Matt Kolenda (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight) vs. Wesley Tanner Rhody (Fire King Kozmos)

Table 6: Bradley Phillip Atkinson (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight ) vs. Mark Randall Myatt (Burning Abyss Phantom Knights)

Table 7: Shay Michael Kelley (Extra Deck Monarchs) vs. Timothy Justise Reed (Extra Deck Monarchs)

Table 8: Michael Ryan Egna (Odd-Eyes Magicians) vs. Christopher Michael Gonzalez (Domain Monarchs)

Table 9: Brenden Elijah Beckmann (Burning Abyss Phantom Knight) vs. Xavier Leroy Clark (Extra Deck Monarchs)

Table 10: Roland Fang (Extra Deck Monarchs) vs. Joseph Donald Vesia (Kozmos)