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Welcome to the 2016 North American World Championship Qualifier!

July 9th, 2016


Welcome to the North American 2016 World Championship Qualifier! We’re here in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, preparing for a massive tournament! This event features only the best of the best – you only get to enter this tournament if you previously qualified at a Regional Qualifier or a YCS event. We’re at the tail end of registration, and it’s looking to be the largest WCQ on record! With so many talented Duelists in attendance, this will be an amazing tournament, but only the top six Duelists will be going to the World Championship in Orlando, Florida August 20-21. It’s going to take all their skill and strategy to pull it off!

And the Main Event isn’t all – the Dragon Duelists also have their WCQ this weekend! There are many young Duelists, born 2003 or later, all previously qualified by placing well in Dragon Duel tournaments throughout the last year. The top three Dragon Duelists this weekend will be headed to the Dragon Duel World Championship in Florida!

Even with all that action going on, we’ve still got more! In attendance this weekend are Greg Abbey, the voice of Yusei Fudo (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s) and Tristan Taylor (Yu-Gi-Oh!), and Michael Liscio Jr. (Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V), the voice of Yuya Sakaki, in addition to Yuto, Yugo and Yuri! They’ll be delivering the opening announcement and signing autographs throughout the weekend. Plus, tomorrow we’ll have a live Duel between Yusei and Yuya!

The tournament is about to get underway! It’s Time to Duel!  And Let’s Rev It Up and Carve the Arc of Victory!!

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