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Day 1 Wrap-Up – World Championship 2016 Top 8!

August 21st, 2016

22 Duelists traveled from around the globe to compete, and now only 8 remain on the Sunday stage.

Here is your Top 8:

Top 8

Japan had a massive showing with 4 of their 5 competitors making it to Top Cut! An 80% success rate at the World Championship takes a lot of skill, and today they will do their best to make it all the way. The United States placed the second most competitors into the Top 8, with 3 of their 6 representatives earning their spot. The more players they have competing, the more difficult it is to have a higher percentage make it to the Top Cut, so 50% is still fantastic given they are tied for the largest representative pool. Last but definitely not least, a single Australian made it through as well. The Oceanic region only has 2 representatives, so even a single one of them making it is nothing but awesome.

These 8 Duelists are competing for a ton of exclusive prizes, but what matters most is the title: King of Games. Who will be our new World Champion?