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Get Ready for the 2016 World Championship!

August 20th, 2016

The Duelists have not yet arrived in the tournament hall, but all of the present staff is brimming with anticipation! The Main Event room is set up for a spectacular show, and it looks incredible!


The room itself carries a slick glow due to the lighting. At the time the photo below was taken, that glow was blue – but the color of the glow will change throughout the weekend.


Slick Glow


All competitors will be Dueling on the main stage and using exclusive World Championship 2016 Game Mats.


WC2016 Game Mats


There are tons of seats for spectators to sit down in and join in on the action of the main event! The screens above the stage will display the action in the featured, live-streamed Duel.


Spectator Area


This weekend’s voice actors – Dan Green (the voice of Yugi) and Eric Stuart (the voice of Kaiba) – will be making announcements throughout the weekend. They’re on the main stage now, rehearsing some of the announcements.


Yugi and Kaiba


The main tournament hall also contains a coverage booth, where Jerome McHale and Luke Withington will be giving commentary all weekend!


Coverage Booth


The trophies for this weekend’s tournament are displayed on stage, and all competitors have their eyes on them!




The atmosphere is intense, and the excitement keeps building. It’s almost time to Duel!